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Married at First Sight: The biggest transformations

The cast love a change!
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Married at First Sight is one of Australia’s most beloved shows and each year, we fall in love with a new cast who make us laugh, roll our eyes, and feel the love all over again.

However, post-filming, the cast of the show seem to love dazzling us with a transformation. From chopping off their hair, to bleaching their dark locks blonde, or undergoing a cosmetic makeover, they certainly know how to wow us with their new looks.

More recently, many of the reality stars have been seeking out pricey dental work in the form of porcelain veneers. 

Check out some of the biggest, most mind-blowing transformations below.

Stephen Stewart, season eleven

Stephen’s time on Married at First Sight may have been short – but it’s undeniable the man had great hair. The Western Australian Hairdresser showcased his luscious locks on season eleven, but a few months after the season aired, he chopped it all off!

Taking to his Instagram stories, the MAFS groom shared a selfie of his new haircut, with the short but sweet caption ‘snip.’

Stephen Stewart MAFS new haircut
(Credit: Nine/Instagram)

Lauren Dunn, season eleven

Lauren quickly became one of the fan-favourites of season eleven as she called out bad behaviour, brought some much-needed humour and dealt with her husband’s new relationship with a fellow contestant. 

Now, she’s followed in Sara’s steps, debuting a new haircut on Instagram! Lauren took to Instagram to share her new darker look, quoting Zoolander of course. 

“’The Calendar was great, because it really gave people a chance to see a side of my versatility.’ – D. Zoolander,” she captioned the new pics. “Fresh hair and headshots by the best to ever do it.”

(Credit: Instagram/Nine) (Credit: Instagram/Nine)

Sara Mesa, season eleven

Sara and her on-screen husband Tim were one of five couples in the 2024 season to make it to the final commitment ceremony, but unfortunately, they ended their relationship shortly after the reunion. 

While Tim may have moved on in the months since, Sara has opted for a classic single girl revamp: taking her luscious blonde locks to new heights with a stunning brunette shade.

The chocolatey colour is one of the most popular right now, according to TikTok. 

Sara MAFS hair transformation
(Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

Caitlin McConville, season ten

Fans fell in love with Caitlin on season ten of MAFS – but were heartbroken when her relationship with Shannon went horribly wrong

In the months following the show Caitlin debuted a stunning hair transformation, trading in her bleach blonde locks for a striking dark look.

caitlin mafs hair transformation
(Credit: Instagram/Nine) (Credit: Instagram/Nine)

Bronte Schifield, season ten

Remembered for her tumultuous relationship with Harrison on season ten, Bront wowed fans with a bold new bob following her time on the show!

bronte MAFS Hair transformation
(Credit: Instagram/Nine) (Credit: Instagram/Nine)

Daniel Holmes, season nine

In December 2022, Daniel Holmes revealed he was undergoing hair transplant cosmetic surgery.

“Thank you @now.hairtime for treating me with such professionalism and kindness throughout our time together. Still early days but excited for the results to come,” the New York local wrote on Instagram.

“I thought you had good hair?!” one fan questioned in the comments, to which Daniel replied: “It was okay but years of steroid abuse did permanent damage and I had the opportunity to improve it so why not?”

Daniel underwent cosmetic surgery. (Credit: Nine/Instagram) (Credit: Nine/Instagram)

Domenica Calarco, season nine 

Upon returning from her European vacation in October 2022, Domenica Calarco was ready to reinvent herself.

Taking to Instagram at the time, the reality star posted a photo of her fresh new look.

For the transformation, Domenica had her blonde locks chopped into a short and neat bob.

“Dream team conquered this look 👑 COLOUR @vincentnobile.headcasehair CUT @johnpulitano @headcasehair ✨💛,” the star captioned the photo.

Dom got a bob! (Credit: Nine/Instagram) (Credit: Nine/Instagram)

Jack Millar, season nine

Jack won Aussie hearts with his quirky look, which included a mop of messy hair and his signature moustache – but both were soon gone!

Months after his season of MAFS finished airing, the fan-favourite groom debuted a new look – cropping his hair ultra-short and swapping the mo’ for stubble.

He also revealed another big change in his life, going public with his romance with Love Island star Courtney Stubbs.

Jack has a new look… and a new girl! (Credit: Nine/Instagram) (Credit: Nine/Instagram)

Olivia Frazer, season nine

The outspoken Married At First Sight Australia star debuted a new look on her Instagram, revealing that her long blonde locks were gone, and replaced with an edgier hairstyle. 

Not only did the colour go from blonde to brunette, but Olivia Frazer also decided to embrace the shorter hair trend, as she had a substantial amount of length cut off.

Olivia debuted a fresh new chop.. (Credit: Nine/Instagram) (Credit: Nine/Instagram)

Selin Mengu, season nine

MAFS stars love a toothy transformation! Selin showed off $55,000 worth of dental work in May when she confirmed to The Daily Mail she’d had porcelain veneers.

“I’ve always wanted a glowing smile and straight teeth, so it would have been silly not to have them done,” she told the outlet.

Her work was done by Dr Deepan Duraisamy, a.k.a. Dr Dee, who has become something of a dentist to the (reality) stars here in Australia.

Selin debuted her fresh smile after the show aired. (Credit: Nine/Instagram) (Credit: Nine/Instagram)

Matt Ridley, season nine

Those teeth certainly look familiar! After his stint on MAFS, Matt went to Vogue Dental Studios for a fresh set of veneers like many other reality stars before him.

The clinic has become well known for treating influencers like Bryce Ruthven to cheap or even free dental work in exchange for promotion on their social media platforms.

With a full set of veneers known to cost up to $40,000, we can see why the stars would want to cash in on that discount.

Talk about a bright smile – we’re blinded by these pearly whites. (Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

Selina Chhaur, season nine

After appearing on the show with bleach-blonde hair and blue coloured contacts, Selina decided to embrace her natural beauty after filming wrapped.

She didn’t say much about the big change, but friends and fans were obsessed when she debuted her new brunette locks in April 2022.

Ahhh yes queen love it so much,” fellow MAFS bride Ella Ding commented, Olivia Frazer adding “You look gorgeous as always.”

We love the dark locks on her! (Credit: Nine/Instagram) (Credit: Nine/Instagram)

Alessandra Rampolla, expert

MAFS’ latest expert to join the show, sexologist Alessandra Rampolla, revealed in July 2022 that she had undergone weight loss surgery in 2008.

Sharing side-by-side images of herself, one from 2006, and one from 2021, fans were able to see the results of her gastric bypass.

“My decision to do it had nothing to do with aesthetics, I did it for my health, and at the time I was married and I was thinking about having kids and I had learned about the complications of trying for a baby with that extra weight, so I made a decision,” Alessandra told Woman’s Day.

She lost 60kg following the surgery, which was undertaken in Colombia.

Alessandra Rampolla. (Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

Coco Steadman, season eight

Coco Stedman was a fan favourite on the 2021 season of MAFS, where she was paired with Sam Carraro.

While there has been speculation that Coco has had cosmetic procedures, we can confirm she loves to change up her hair.

She first dyed her long brown locks an auburn red colour.

“So yeah, I don’t know, variety is the spice of life, isn’t it? I’ve been brown, I’ve been blonde, and I just wanted to try something else. And I don’t really care if you say you liked it better before,” she shared on Instagram alongside a snap of her new look.

However, August brought a more dramatic transformation, when she shared a snap of herself with a blonde lob. She quickly confirmed it was just a wig, though.

Coco Stedman. (Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

Patrick Dwyer, season eight

Patrick Dwyer, who was paired with Belinda Vickers on season eight of the show, went through quite the major transformation after the show.

The personal trainer invested in a porcelain set of veneers.

A month later, he also revealed he’d been working on a body transformation, growing muscle mostly through weightlifting at the gym.

He shared a before and after shot on Instagram, writing: “Yes this post is a little cocky, but it’s amazing how much you can change your body with a little bit of hard work and consistency.”

Patrick Dwyer. (Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

Johnny Balbuziente, season eight

Intruder groom Johnny Balbuziente, who was paired with Kerry Knight during season eight, debuted another dramatic body transformation.

The actor participated in a 30-day challenge and took the chance to share his transformation 14 days in, which already showed impressive results.

“The reason why I’m sharing this with you now is because I’m actually shocked at what my body has actually done,” he wrote on Instagram for the update.

“Hopefully this can send a message to somebody because I was know I was feeling really sluggish and I hadn’t gone to the gym six months prior to starting my challenge 14 days ago,” he added.

He posted his final transformation in September 2021, showing some serious muscle growth.

Johnny Balbuziente. (Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

Belinda Vickers, season eight

The bride of Patrick Dwyer, Belinda Vickers debuted her own transformation after the show finished airing, revealing she had dyed her trademark brown curls a bright, flaming red.

“When you thought my hair couldn’t get any more extra,” she captioned a video that covered the process of the change.

“How daring have you been with your hair?” she asked her followers.

Belinda is known for often rocking bold, vintage-inspired looks, and her vibrant hair only adds to her stunning, quirky style.

Belinda Vickers. (Credit: Nine/Instagram) (Credit: Nine/Instagram)

Liam Cooper, season eight

Fellow season eight groom Liam Cooper underwent a ‘facial rejuvenation’ procedure in June after the show.

He was given anti-wrinkle injections and filler in his face to give him a more youthful look.

Liam revealed he had gained insecurities when another groom from his season, Jason Engler, took aim at his appearance in a leaked video.

Liam Cooper. (Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven, season eight

Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson both made cosmetic changes to their smiles, getting sets of veneers to enhance their teeth.

Melissa announced her big change on Instagram, writing “While my teeth were not horrific before, I certainly lacked confidence with my smile because my teeth, to me, were so small”.

“If you look back at the professional photos from MAFS, I hardly ever smiled showing my teeth. I’m so in love with my veneers.”

Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven. (Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

Jake Edwards, season eight

After getting comments that his teeth were ‘cracked, chipped, and tiny,’ Jake Edwards agreed to also invest in a set of veneers, spending around $60k.

“I have always said that I would love to get my teeth done one day when I finish playing football,” he said of the transformation.

“Now, I have finished playing football, and I am very excited to say that I’m now going to have my teeth done by the amazing people at Vogue Dental and Dr. Dee.”

Jake Edwards. (Credit: Nine/Instagram) (Credit: Nine/Instagram)

KC Osborne, season seven

KC’s come a long way since her MAFS days. Not only is she a proud mum of son Brooklyn, whom she shares with her partner Blake Spriggs (no, not her on-screen groom Drew Brauer), she’s also undergone quite the physical transformation.

In January 2023, the reality star debuted her new look – with her naturally darker hair roots blending into caramel highlights.

While most deemed the transformation “stunning”, some weren’t satisfied with the change – and simply had to make it known in the comments section.

But KC was quick to shut down the rude remarks about her appearance. More on that here.

KC Osborne. (Credit: Nine/Instagram) (Credit: Nine/Instagram)

Lizzie Sobinoff, seasons six and seven

Lizzie, who has reiterated that she feels stunning at any size, showed a weight-loss transformation prior to her entry into season seven of the show.

After being publicly fat-shamed by her first match, Sam Ball, she spoke openly on the show about the hardships women face via the expectations placed on them by men.

“I’m actually dealing with some health conditions that cause my weight to fluctuate,” she confirmed in 2019.

“I think I always look fabulous. I’ve thought that when I weighed 49kg, and when I’ve weight 90kg. I want women to realise that we’re all so much more than a number on a scale.”

The ex-MAFS star has debuted a number of different looks since her first time on the show, most recently revealing a stunning new haircut. 

Lizzie Sobinoff
Lizzie Sobinoff. (Credit: Nine/Instagram) (Credit: Nine/Instagram)

Michael Brunelli, season six

Fan favourites Michael and Martha have gone through a number of looks over the years and in 2024 Michael debuted a clean-shaven look, getting rid of his trademark beard. 

michael mafs hair transformation
(Credit: Instagram/Nine) (Credit: Instagram/Nine)

Sam Ball, season six

Divisive groom Sam Ball has gone through quite a few dramatic transformations since his time on the show. From going completely bald to hitting the gym, the reality star is unrecognisable fans first met him in season six. 

Sam Ball. (Credit: Nine/Instagram) (Credit: Nine/Instagram)

Jessika Power, season six

Controversial season six bride, Jessika Power, has been open about the amount of plastic surgery and treatments she has undergone to get herself looking the way she currently does.

She revealed to the Daily Telegraph in 2020 that she had spent more that $60,000 on procedures in the eighteen months prior.

This included getting veneers, cheek Botox, jaw slimming, and the removal of fat from her legs, which was then added to her boobs via an autologuous fat graft.

“I have no problems with getting implants. I think I will get them once I have kids. I’m confident in my body at the moment,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

Jessika Power. (Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

Ines Basic – Season Six

During her appearance on the 2019 season of Married At First Sight, bride Ines Basic caused quite the controversy among her fellow contestants following a cheating scandal involving Lizzie Sobinoff’s on-screen husband Sam Ball. 

Basic debuted her new look on Instagram in August 2023, with the star appearing to have undergone minor cosmetic procedures on her lips and cheekbones. 

Ines Basic (Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

Jo McPharlin, season five

Jo McPharlin, known to fans as ‘Foxy Jojo’, underwent a pretty major weight-loss transformation prior to her appearance on the MAFS reunion special in 2021.

She shared on Instagram that she had received a treatment with a machine called MM Slim, which performs non-surgical liposuction.

She also credited overhauling her diet, and removing sugary drinks and junk food.

“I’m just a flat-out mum of two busy kids, working three jobs and now being a lot more organised with my eating,” she told the Daily Mail in 2019.

“Instead of zipping through drive-thru takeaways after work [each night], I make food that I can freeze to reheat easily when I get home.”

Jo McPharlin. (Credit: Nine) (Credit: Nine)

Sarah Roza, season five

Sarah Roza was known for her beautiful, curvy figure on season five of the show, where she was partnered with Telv Williams.

The red-headed beauty underwent major surgery, announcing it via Instagram.

“It is Vaser Liposuction and I have had pretty much my whole body (done) from my neck down,” the MAFS star told The Herald Sun.

“For me, my brief was I want my waist to be tiny and I want to show more of an hourglass shape and improve on what I already have,” she said.

The procedures also entailed five-kilo weight-loss, and changed Sarah’s shape slightly, which can now be seen on social media.

Sarah Roza. (Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

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