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CONGRATULATIONS! Radha and Prabha win My Kitchen Rules 2023

It was a close competition!
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As we approached the end of another My Kitchen Rules season, fans couldn’t decide who they wanted to win: Radha & Prabha or Nick & Christian.

The season has been uncharacteristically close, with a number of similarly skilled teams battling out the last few rounds of the competition. 

So, did Team VIC or Team NSW take out the title? Keep reading to find out the answer! Spoilers ahead…

Watch Below: MKR Rachel and Tommy taste the garlic flower

Radha and Prabha have been crowned winners of My Kitchen Rules! The duo beat out their fierce competitors, Nick and Christian.

“It’s been a pleasure to eat your food, whatever happens tonight, look back on this and enjoy it. And be proud of what you did. Because you gave us some great food,” Colin Fassnidge told both teams before unveiling the scores. 

The score was close, with the girls emerging victorious against the boys. They were given a score of 27 out of 30, while the boys were given a score of 25 out of 30. 

nigella lawson
Manu, Nigella and Colin delivered the drama with their highly-anticipated final scores. (Credit: Channel Seven)

While Australia couldn’t figure out who might win, the show’s other contestants also struggled to pick a team!

Following Tommy & Rach’s elimination from the semi-finals, the pair sat down with WHO to chat about their experience on the cooking show. Discussing all things food, friendship and competition, we of course had to ask them who they thought would take the MKR crown! 

“It’s hard,” admitted Rach. “How can you compare the best Indian and then the best modern Australian?”

“It’s just a matter of preference about what you feel like in that moment. We sat and we ate all the dishes for both teams and they were both sensational, so I have no idea who is going to win. I have absolutely no idea.” 

Radham and prabha
Tommy and Rach think Prabha and Radha may have the upper hand. (Credit: Seven)

“The only upper hand that Prabha and Radha might have that I can see at this point in time is that they seem to keep more level-headed,” added Tommy.

“I think Christian and Nick whenever they start to stress or if something goes wrong, the wheels can come off from from our observation. Prabha and Radha seem to be able to centre and re-ground themselves a lot quicker.” 

“Interestingly, Nick and Christian are the pair that have cooked the most in the competition and Prabha and Radha are the team that have cooked the least,” Rach also pointed out. “So it’ll be interesting to see how the girls cope with being in the kitchen for the first time in the semi-final, and then into the grand final.”

christian and nick
But Christian and Nick could still win MKR! (Credit: Seven)

Whilst Tommy and Rach may think Prabha and Radha have the upper hand, fans themselves seem to be split, although they don’t seem top mind as they love both teams. 

“Happy for either team to win as they are both my favourites,” wrote one fan.

“I love both teams, but I would love to see the boys take it,” added another.

“Happy with either one winning but my money is on the twins,” a third shared.
Fans love the two final teams this year. (Credit: Seven)

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