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The Masked Singer Australia 2023: Who has been unmasked?

We look back on all the star-studded reveals of 2023.
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The 2023 season of The Masked Singer Australia has officially come to an end, with Snow Fox taking home The Masked Singer trophy.

With the judges’ guesses ranging from home-grown Australian talents to international music superstars, The Masked Singer Australia unmasked some of the world’s biggest and most unexpected talents yet! 

WATCH: The Masked Singer Australia 2023 Contestant Teaser. Article continues after video. 

Whilst each of the contestants hoped to deliver a world-class performance every week, unfortunately not every sing-along could be a show-stopper, with one hidden identity being sent home by the audience each week. 

Fortunately for fans, The Masked Singer Australia eliminations are arguably one of the competition’s most exciting elements, with the contestant’s farewell unmasking giving fans the opportunity to finally uncover the celebrity identity of their favourite performer.

As the competition comes to a close, we look back at all the celebrities who have been unmasked.

Who has been unmasked on The Masked Singer Australia 2023?

(Credit: Ten)

Snow Fox – Dami Im 

Following a nail-biting final vote, Snow Fox was officially crowned the winner of The Masked Singer Australia 2023, with former X-Factor Australia winner Dami Im being revealed as the voice behind the winning mask. 

“It feels amazing to be out [of the mask], but also, it’s kind of really great because I actually won X-Factor here on this same stage 10 years ago. Exactly 10 years ago. I’m back here winning this,” she told the judges.

“I did have a one-year-old baby, so being able to just hide away in a corner and practise songs every single day for the last how many weeks was so fun and I loved it.” 

(Credit: Ten)

Grim Reaper – Darren Hayes

After delivering a show-stopping final performance of Queen’s Who Wants to Live Forever, Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes was unmasked as the voice behind Grim Reaper. 

As one of the stand-out vocalists of the season, Grim Reaper’s highly-anticipated reveal resonated deeply with judges Abbie Chatfield and Mel B, who thanked Darren for the role of his music in their lives. 

“I never thought I would do this show. I’m so glad that I did this show. Really, it’s been like a warm hug, and I really needed that. I’ve had a tough year, and it’s been a really, really beautiful warm hug,” Darren told the panel. 

(Credit: Ten)

Bouncer – Conrad Sewell

Following his finale performance of Timbaland’s Apologise, Bouncer was unmasked as Australian singer Conrad Sewell. 

After being announced as the third-place finisher of The Masked Singer Australia, the 35-year-old joked that he was surprised the judges did not settle on him as the voice behind Bouncer until later in the season, with Dave Hughes being the only judge on the panel to decipher Bouncer’s cryptic clues. 

“Hughsey’s my man! He knows me. I’m surprised you didn’t guess me sooner,” he told the panel. 

the masked singer courtney act cowgirl
(Credit: Ten)

The Cowgirl – Courtney Act

As The Masked Singer closes in on the top three, the cowgirl was unmasked to be Aussie drag legend Courtney Act. 

Chrissie Swan was the only judge to correctly guess Courtney’s identity following her performance of Fun’s We Are Young. 

“I think some people see Courtney as a mask, but I thought ‘I wonder what it would be like wearing an actual mask.’ And it’s kind of thrilling because you have no fear because no one can see you, and if you mess up, it’s like it’s not about you, it’s the cow that did it,” Courtney explained after her performance. 

(Credit: Ten)

The Captain – Brendan Fevola

Following his performance of DJ Otzi’s Hey Baby, The Masked Singer Australia newcomer was revealed as AFL star Brendan Fevola. 

While some fans were shocked by the reveal, others were equally as surprised that judge Dave Hughes made a correct guess. 

“It was so hard not to tell you!” Brendan quipped at his long-time friend Dave. “It’s so hard not to talk under that thing because I’m a talker, so I’m like ‘Hey everybody!’ and they’re like ‘Shush’.” 

(Credit: Ten)

Orca – Amy Sheppard

After performing her rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams, Orca was unmasked as Australian singer Amy Sheppard. 

Amy, who is known best as a member of the Aussie band Sheppard, shared that although she is no stranger to the stage, she was still nervous to perform in front of The Masked Singer crowd. 

“I got really nervous under there,” she explained. You might have heard a little bit of shakiness, because I’ve never been so claustrophobic when singing, and the mask that I had on was really quite restrictive.”

the masked singer unmasked
(Credit: Ten)

Burger Gal – La Toya Jackson 

During the time machine special of The Masked Singer Australia, Burger Gal was unmasked as La Toya Jackson. 

La Toya is an American singer and TV Personality – she’s also the sister of Michael and Janet Jackosn. 

The 67-year-old performed Doja Cat’s Kiss Me More before the judges placed their final guesses. While Julia Stiles, Snooki and Fran Drescher were all in the mix, Mel B correctly guessed LaToya. 

“[The costume was ] extremely heavy for me,” LaToya shared after her unmasking. 

“I don’t know why I’m in [it] because I don’t even eat meat.”

(Credit: Ten)

Tiny – Pete Murray 

Following Tiny’s performance of Post Malone’s Wrapped Around Your Finger, the judging panel were convinced that the voice behind the mask was home to some serious star-power. 

While Mel B, Abbie Chatfield, and Dave Hughes locked in Billy Ocean, the Teskey Brothers, and Post Malone as their top pick, it was Chrissie Swan who made the winning guess, with Australian singer Pete Murray being unmasked at the end of the episode. 

Although The Masked Singer Australia is home to a collection of elaborate costumes, Pete revealed that Tiny was his top choice. 

“As soon as I saw [the Tiny costume], I fell in love with him. I love cuddles and just being friendly to people,” he told the judges, adding that his two children would be over the moon to see their dad play the adorable character. 

(Credit: Ten)

Space Fairy – Charlotte Crosby 

The judges may have thought the space fairy was Marcia Hines, Joss Stone, Mary J Blige or even Jesy Nelson but it was actually Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby!

The 33-year-old, who also won Aussie hearts when she appeared on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, revealed it was the first time she had sung in front of anyone in her life. 

Following her unmasking, Charlotte also revealed she was initially meant to appear on The Masked Singer Australia in 2020 but COVID ruined her plans. The British star quarantined in a hotel room for a month, during which her relationship at the time came to an end. 

Charlotte thanked the show for changing her life, claiming she would never have ended up with her current partner, who she shares a child with if it weren’t for her month-long hotel stay. 

“Everything got better from then. So, I’ve got to thank The Masked Singer – and COVID, really!” she said.

(Credit: Ten)

Blue Bottle – Shaynna Blaze

With guesses ranging from Spice Girl Emma Bunton to Cyndi Lauper, Blue Bottle’s reveal was set to be one of the most highly anticipated of the season.

While her performances of Blondie’s Call Me and Elvis Presley’s A Little Less Conversation entertained the judges, Blue Bottle, unfortunately, landed in the bottom two, with her unmasking revealing The Block’s Shaynna Blaze as the mystery celebrity singer.

“[Singing] was something I squashed for a long time, but now it’s time to bring the vocal cords back out again,” she told the judges.

(Credit: Ten)

Bad Avocado – Summer Warne

The Masked Singer Australia had teased the season’s next reveal would “melt Australia’s heart” – and boy, did it deliver. Following a performance of the Coldplay classic Yellow, the Bad Avocado was revealed to be Summer Warne; the 21-year-old youngest child of late cricketing legend Shane Warne. 

Following her unmasking, Summer revealed her performance was a tribute to her late father, who had encouraged her to pursue a singing career. 

“That was his favourite Coldplay song,” she told the judges. “It’s such a significant song to me and my family.” Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, also performed the same song at Shane’s funeral. 

(Credit: Ten)

The Fawn – Sandra Sully

With clues about fitness, hockey sticks and heartbreak, the Fawn kept the judges guessing about who could be under the mask. 

Names like Carrie Bickmore, Jackie O and Pip Edwards were all thrown around before the Fawn nwas revealed to be Ten newsreader Sandra Sully.

After the reveal, Sandra revealed that she signed up for the show as a fun way to test her limits, but that The Masked Singer was where she drew the line, noting she would never sign up for I’m A Celebrity. 

(Credit: Ten/Getty)

Crash Test Dummy – Brian Austin Green 

Teased as a Hollywood heartthrob, sporting superstar, and million-record seller, Crash Test Dummy quickly became one of the most intriguing contestants. 

Following his performance of Shawn Mendes’ Stitches, Mel B was certain that the man behind the charismatic performance was none other than Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter.

While the former Spice Girl may not have made the winning guess, the first reveal of The Masked Singer Australia unmasked another 90s celebrity; Beverly Hills, 90210 star Brian Austin Green. 

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