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The Bachelors 2023: Meet Wesley Senna Cortes

Will Wesley find his one true love?
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The Bachelors has returned for a second time in 2023, with 24 contestants joining The Bachelors mansion on their journey to find their one true love. 

Joining the contestants on their quest to find ‘The One’ is Bachelor Wesley Senna Cortes, who alongside Bachelors Luke Bateman and Ben Waddell, is ready to begin his search for his lifelong romance. 

“It’s a huge honour given what the show means to Australia, but also to represent my culture. It’s not every day that you have such an incredible team helping you find love. I couldn’t be more excited,” Wesley told Ten.  

WATCH: The Bachelor 2023 Trailer. Article continues after video. 

Born and raised in Brazil, Wesley is hoping to bring his passionate side to The Bachelors, with his search for true love and long-lasting commitment serving as his compass throughout the competition. 

Describing himself, Wesley tells WHO that he is a “hopelessly hopeful guy [who is] so grateful for the life that he still can’t believe he gets to live, that loves people, and dreams every day about how to leave the world better than he found.” 

Will Wesley find ‘The One’? (Credit: Ten)

Looking back on his past relationships, Wesley shared that he has previously struggled to transition his relationships from the initial honeymoon phase into a more serious, long-term connection. 

When asked why he believes he hasn’t yet found The One, Wesley tells WHO, “Gosh, how I wish I knew the answer to this one. I honestly think I’ve been cursed with the old dilemma [of] ‘Who I want doesn’t want me’ and vice versa. My sister also says that I’m very picky. I also focused a lot on my education for most of my twenties.” 

For the contestants hoping to win Wesley’s heart, the Bachelor has a clear vision of what he’s looking for in his future partner.

“[I want] someone that is confident enough to be able to laugh at herself. Also, [as] much of a dreamer to dare try to change the world together. I love clumsy girls that don’t take themselves too seriously, who are comfortable being laid back, and yet know how to rock a high heel for a special night out,” he told WHO. 

Wesley is on a mission to discover true love. (Credit: Instagram)

While some fans may feel that The Bachelors creates some rivalry between the three hopeful hearts, Wesley believes that the two additional Bachelors will help him on his quest for love. 

“I feel like three is better than one. It gives the ladies more options, and the Bachelors also get to enjoy doing this journey together,” Wesley told WHO. 

While he may have been yet to find the girl who has stumbled their way into his heart, Wesley is eager to begin his search for the partner of his dreams. 

Looking to the future, Wesley hopes to find a partner that will have a positive transformation in his life. Guided by his faith, Wesley’s outlook on love is led by his search for a long-lasting and meaningful connection.

Will all of the Bachelors find their perfect match? (Credit: Ten)

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