SAS Australia’s Ollie Ollerton has a super-cute marriage

Ollie and Laura's picturesque wedding was only the beginning.
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He found fame with Aussie audiences as one of SAS Australia’s no-nonsense DS (Directing Staff).

But despite his hardcore attitude and serious demeanour when it comes to putting the recruits through their paces, it turns out Matthew “Ollie” Ollerton has another side to him away from the cameras.

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Ollie has been married to his wife, Laura Gander, for around nine months now since the pair eloped to Scotland last December.

They were forced to pull the plug on their elaborate 2020 Bond-themed nuptials due to the pandemic and imposed restrictions on weddings.

The reality star and his wife tied the knot at Gretna Green on December 27 – Ollie’s 50th birthday – with the bride wearing a silver full-length dress designed by Ghost.

“We defied all the odds and it was an absolute mission to pull it off. It was the year when it looked like we wouldn’t be able to marry, and then we did,” Ollie told the UK magazine.

He joked of the chosen date: “We did it on that day so I’ll never forget our anniversary.”

With the UK’s restrictions constantly changing and restricting travel, planning the wedding was a difficult task for the couple, who are based in England.

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Ollie Laura
SAS Australia’s Matthew “Ollie” Ollerton and Laura Gander eloped to Scotland over Christmas. (Credit: Instagram)

Fortunately, government rules allowed people to cross the border from England into Scotland in order to attend a wedding.

“We’ve said that time and time again; our day had real character. It was more than just a wedding as we worked within all the tier rules [restrictions put in place in different areas of the UK due to coronavirus] when we could have just said: ‘Oh this is too hard.’ It really made it about us,” Ollie said.

Ollie previously shared plans with Metro UK of his lavish wedding that would have taken place if the COVID-19 crisis didn’t occur.

Ollie and Laura on their wedding day. (Credit: Instagram)

“We were supposed to get married on July 11 and it was really exciting because it was supposed to be – Ollie Ollerton, 00 – so it was going to be a James Bond wedding,” he spilled.

“We had Aston Martins lined up, everyone coming as either Bond or the villains or Bond girls so it was quite exciting.”

Ollie, who is harsh and at times, terrifying, on SAS Australia, seems to show a much softer side when it comes to Laura.

Ollie proposed to Laura on New Years Eve in 2019. (Credit: Hello Magazine/Instagram)

Ollie proposed to Laura at the very beginning of 2020, taking to Instagram to share the happy news with a photo of the gorgeous ring.

I am humbled by her love and her beauty, my proposal met with acceptance ❤️ 2020 is already looking up!” he wrote.

I love you @lauragander11 ❤️❤️” he added.

Laura also took to Instagram to celebrate the news.

Laura’s stunning engagement ring. (Credit: Instagram)

There I was, making my leftover turkey stew, reminiscing over the last decade. Poured a glass of (non alcoholic) fizz to see in the New Year and then @ollie.ollerton presented me with this stunner and a marriage proposal. Absolutely bloody speechless. Apart from saying yes of course,” the now 41-year-old wrote.

“See the thing is, the last decade has been pretty full on in my little world. The first half was mostly sh*tty, the second half much better once Ollie walked into my life exactly five years ago. But tonight I’ve been giving thanks for every situation good and bad and every person who’s crossed my path along the way. My imperfect perfect journey. We always end up exactly where we need to be,” she shared.

“I love you @ollie.ollerton it’s an honour to stand by your side 🖤,” she finished.

Ollie with his fellow DS trainers. (Credit: Seven)

Ollie’s SAS Australia filming commitments sometimes see him separated from Laura for extended periods of time, but their love for each other can be seen on social media.

Two is one, but one is none! Thank you for your love, thank you for your support, thank you for breathing life into my dreams 🙏 The days are few, I’ll see you soon Mrs ‘O’ ❤️,” he wrote in May this year while filming the show Down Under.

Ollie recently shared that he is in Australia for the premiere of the show, posting a selfie to Instagram.

So pumped to be in country for the premiere, it’s raw, it’s brutal, it’s organic goodness from the very heart of every candidate!” he penned.

The new season of SAS Australia airs tonight, September 13, on Channel Seven at 7:30 pm.

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