The truth about The Bachelor’s Abbie’s Gemini quote

"Should I tell you the real story or shall I tell the story that I've told the media for the last year?"
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Abbie Chatfield’s experience on The Bachelor was tumultuous to say the least, and she became something of a household name after her infamous Gemini comment. But now, the former reality star has spoken out about the truth behind how that line came about.

WATCH BELOW: Abbie Chatfield Appears On ‘Reputation Rehab’

On Wednesday night, Abbie appeared on ABC’s Reputation Rehab to share details of what it was like filming The Bachelor with Matt Agnew and shared details of how producers would manipulate the contestants for the “villain edit.”

As she arrived at the Bachelor mansion, viewers saw blonde beauty Abbie ask the astrophysicist what he did for a living and when he responded she came back with the now iconic line, “Ok, I’m a Gemini.”

Speaking to the show’s hosts Kirsten Drysdale and Zoe Norton Lodge, the 25-year-old joked: “Should I tell you the real story or shall I tell the story that I’ve told the media for the last year?”

Abbie says her Gemini comment was “edited really well.” (Credit: ABC)

Abbie then explained that it was a piece of advice from her sister before the show that influenced her to ask that astrology question.

“My sister is to blame to be fair because she was like ‘Listen if you have nothing to say, ask him what his star sign is’,” she recounted.

“Walked up to Matt, we were talking for a bit and when he said he was an astrophysicist I was like ‘And now is my chance!’ I looked around to the crew and was like ‘I know this isn’t the same thing’ and then I said ‘What’s your star sign?’ And then he said ‘I’m a Leo’ and then I said ‘Ok I’ma Gemini’ and then I said ‘As long as you aren’t a Capricorn.'”

The runner-up then added: “It’s fine, it’s a funny thing, it’s not the worst thing in the world but it was edited really well.”

“My sister is to blame to be fair because she was like ‘Listen if you have nothing to say, ask him what his star sign is’.” (Credit: Ten)

By the time the finale aired, Abbie had received numerous death threats and messages from trolls criticising for her hyper-sexualised behaviour and had even had suicidal thoughts.

Reputation Rehab also featured a cameo from Abbie’s mum who admitted she’d been proud of seeing her daughter on the show at first but was “worried” about the Gemini comment.

“That was a bit scary because people didn’t seem to know it was a joke,” she admitted.

When asked how she reacted when she realised Abbie was getting the villain edit, her mum confessed: “I couldn’t sleep at night but I didn’t tell [Abbie].”

“Public opinion can be deadly and I didn’t realise that that would happen to my little girl.”

Abbie received numerous messages from online trolls once her season of The Bachelor aired. (Credit: Ten)

Following her reality TV ventures on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, Abbie’s been focusing on her sex and relationships podcast It’s A Lot that is gaining more and more traction.

In a previous chat with Who, the Bachelor runner-up admitted that she’s always been comfortable with her sexuality and being “very much a girl’s girl”, she had always been encouraged with her friends to talk about things.

“I also come from a single mother, and she’s a feminist and she brought me up in a way where I was never scared to talk about things or be shamed,” Abbie explained.

“I was never punished. I was in a nurtured environment to explore. I hope people are listening to my podcast when they’re 17 and have a jump start on breaking down their shame or conceived opinions of the world.”

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