Irena shares one ‘worry’ over her future with Locky

Could their relationship be on the rocks already?
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As a quick scroll through Irena Srbinovska’s Instagram will attest, she’s very much enjoying the company of her new beau Locky Gilbert.

There are pics of them canoodling in front of the Opera House, locking lips under a waterfall, and camping in a VW Combi (very romance, much candid.)

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But as the reality of life out of The Bachelor bubble sets in, it seems Irena does have some concerns about the couple’s future.

Speaking with The Wash, the 31-year-old nurse revealed that she’s been “worrying” about their upcoming move to Western Australia. (For those not in the know, Locky, 30, is based in Perth and before the coronavirus crisis hit, he would regularly travel to Bali to run group tours.)

Date night done right! Locky and Irena (pictured left to right) enjoy a night by Sydney Harbour. (Credit: Instagram)

While discussing the subject of making her social media channels official, Irena said she had more important things to focus her attention on.

“I’m not applying for a blue tick on Instagram! Locky had his before The Bachelor,” Irena told the publication in a subtle swipe at her co-stars Bella Varelis and Bec Cvilikas who recently became ‘verified’ on social media.

“I don’t know, I might get one in the future – but for now I’m focused on us. I’m too busy worrying about us getting to WA, that’s my focus.”

On to new beginnings: Locky and Irena (pictured) are in the process of moving to Western Australia together. (Credit: Instagram)

It’s pretty understandable that Irena may be second-guessing her decision to relocate for love. Not only was she born and raised in Melbourne, but once over the border, she and Locky will be required to quarantine in a hotel for two weeks before settling into their new digs.

And to further complicate things, the couple is currently situated in Sydney due to media commitments surrounding the show. This means Irena would also have to spend a fortnight quarantining in Victoria if she wanted to go back home and pack her belongings ready for this next chapter.

“It’s definitely been a tough few weeks,” Irena said in an interview with Now To Love following the season finale.

“This is normal right?” Bel (left), Locky (centre) and Irena (right) have maintained a close bond after The Bachelor. (Credit: Instagram)

“Trying to keep the happy emotions under wraps for that long has been really difficult because all I’ve wanted to do is scream and shout how much I love Locky. It’s been hard but we got through it and here we are on the other side.”

This update comes just two days after Locky and Irena shared a friendly rendezvous with former contestant Bel Colwell.

The trio was seen laughing and looking relaxed as they spent the day at Sydney’s Bondi Beach and sat down for a vegan meal at plant-based restaurant Eden.

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