These clues prove who wins The Bachelorette Australia 2021

Spoiler alert! Of course.
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We’re just hours away from watching Brooke Blurton’s happily ever after play out on screen, with the star set to make her choice in the finale of The Bachelorette Australia tonight.

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With 16 men and women entering the mansion in the premiere – and a further four intruders arriving in episode four – Brooke has confirmed to WHO that she has found The One. 

I’m so happy and in love. Now I can’t wait for everyone to meet my person,” Brooke tells us

It’s been such a hard year in some ways so this bit of positivity in my life is so great for me, and my family, too, because they get to live in the happiness with me and that’s everything.”

Once upon a time viewers could figure out the winner by keeping an eye on the editing in the premiere and throughout the season. A music swell, longer screen time, a ‘smitten’ storyline edit above everyone else’s. But, as we saw with the finale of Jimmy Nicholson’s recent season of The Bachelor Australia, 10 has been stepping it up with trickery in the editing department. 

While Brooke can’t very well spill the beans and reveal who she’s picked, fans can rely on hidden clues and major spoiler alerts to keep them going until the finale tonight. So, who will win: Darvid Garayeli or Jamie-Lee Dayz?

Scroll through for the latest spoilers.

the bachelorette contestants
Brooke meets her contestants on night one. (Credit: 10)

While there are some not-so-reliable clues out there, there is one that rings true time and time again: the betting agency clue. The Masked Singer, The Bachelor, The Voice, MasterChef – need we go on? 

The clue is this: the winner of the show is leaked ahead of time to people in betting agencies like SportsBet and TAB. Meaning the betting odds they offer up are a relatively clear indication of who wins. While the runner-up and lower down contestants will sometimes change order throughout the series, the ‘winner’ typically remains the same. 

Who has been in the top spot all season long? Darvid, the 27-year-old landscaper and ‘Persian Prince’ who arrived on a ride-on lawnmower, surprising Brooke and catching her attention in an instant. But that’s not the only spoiler hinting he’ll win.

darvid bachelorette winner
Will Darvid win Brooke’s heart? Sure looks like it! (Credit: 10)

Considering Darvid was one of the first contestants to be shown from this season, we’d say he’s a clear-favourite even beyond the betting odds. Not to mention that he scored the first single date.

With 1.07 odds on Darvid to win, Jamie-Lee is tipped to be the runner up with 8.00 odds on SportsBet.

Not only has Darvid been the betting favourite all season, he was also seen with Brooke at his place in Melbourne. An eagle-eyed fan revealed earlier in the season that she had seen Brooke arriving at Darvid’s home, with the same roll-on suitcase in her Instagram Stories that day.

“Trying to be secretive, blinds shut, parking all the way at back of driveway etc but my sister saw [Brooke] and the suitcases she had in her Insta Story late last week too, when Darvid was getting her in/out of the car,” the fan wrote on Facebook – which was revealed by The Wash.

the bachelorette top two
With 1.07 odds on Darvid to win, Jamie-Lee is tipped to be the runner up with 8.00 odds on SportsBet. (Credit: 10)

It sure seems like Darvid will be the one to win Brooke’s heart, but fans will know for sure tonight when the Grand Finale airs at 7:30pm on 10.

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