Who Are You podcast with Pete Timbs

Inside the celebrity world with Who magazine's Pete Timbs.
He scrubbed up alright!

WHO Magazine’s Pete Timbs goes one-on-one with some of our favourite celebrities to find out exactly who they are – and where they’re coming from. Along the way we’ll unearth some fun stories, get all the behind-the-scenes goss and learn the real untold stories. 

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Peter Morrissey
The Aussie icon talks to Pete Timbs. 


Justine Schofield

She talks to WHO’s Pete Timbs. 


Jackie Gillies

The TV psychic talks to Pete Timbs 


David Koch

The TV icon talks to Pete Timbs


Wiggles star Anthony Field

The kiddie band legend tells all. 


Ryan Fitzgerald

He tells about the night he was arrested


Kimberley Cooper

The star speaks to Pete Timbs


Sarah Wilson Part 1

The star speaks to Pete Timbs 


The Aussie star opens up to Pete Timbs. 


Yumi Stynes
The controversial Aussie TV personality opens up to Pete Timbs. 


Blair McDonough

The former reality TV star turned actor tells all to his onetime Big Brother housemate, Pete Timbs.


Samantha Harris

The model tells all to Pete Timbs


Mark Humphries

The TV funnyman shares his untold story with Pete Timbs. 


Costa Georgiadis

The Gardening Australia icon opens up in a chat with WHO’s Pete Timbs. 


Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones

The radio favourite reveals his fascinating personal story – and the mistake that almost cost him his pairing with Amanda Keller. 


Luke McGregor

The funny man reveals some surprising stories about his past – and what he’s doing on dating apps. 


Amanda Keller

The TV and radio icon reveals some very personal stories in a chat with WHO’s Pete Timbs.


The Bondi Rescue favourite reveals some very personal stories – and some suprising celebrity rescues. 


Samuel Johnson

The Aussie acting favoutite and cancer activist speaks to Pete Timbs. 


Peter Helliar

The How To Stay Married star tells all to Pete Timbs in an hilarious and revealing interview. 


Bianca Dye

The media favourite reveals her journey towards motherhood – including how she met her partner, and her difficult decision to use her frozen eggs. 


Mark Holden – Part 1

The Aussie music and TV star discusses his eerie connection to the Beaumont children case, his rise to fame as a pop sensation and the love child scandal that came with it, his dating history with a now notorious actress, and how a bizarre feud with Elton John changed his life forever. And let’s not forget The Hoff! 


Mark Holden – Part 2

In an explosive interview, the former pop and TV star opens up on a string of feuds, scandals and personal let downs – and the A-list names flow thick and fast! He reveals his disappointment with former proteges Delta Goodrem, Vanessa Amorosi and Joel Turner – and his deep feelings of betrayal towards Australian Idol’s Dicko. He also reveals the truth about his ‘Bobo the Clown’ meltdown on Dancing With The Stars – and how the incident exposed him to the ‘hatred’ of Australia, and the disappointment of his own family. 


Mark Wilson

The Dancing With The Stars favourite reveals how he endured while being persecuted by a crazed stalker and arsonist. 


Mat Rogers and Chloe Maxwell

The couple sit down with WHO’s Pete Timbs for a revealing tell-all chat about their rise to fame and success, their family lives and their enduring relationship. 


Madeleine West

The star talks to Pete Timbs about the horrific day that changed her life forever – as well as her amazing recovery, motherhood and love. 


Pete Evans

Celebrity chef and TV star Pete Evans talks about his life, career, beliefs and controversies in a highly revealing interview. 


Reggie Bird

The Big Brother icon talks about her rollercoaster life after reality TV fame; why her marriage ended, giving away her prize money, her battle with rapidly declining vision and her nine year old son’s devastating revelation. 


Joe Hildebrand

The TV host and journalist discusses the tragic disappearance of his brother Patrick, his fractured relationship with his father, the rise of his media career and those recent dramas at Studio 10.  


Sami Lukis

TV presenter and author Sami talks to ex-partner Pete Timbs about her quest for love and motherhood – and their past relationship! 


Michelle Bridges

Fitness icon Michelle Bridges talks to WHO’s Pete Timbs about her rise to fame and business success, the breakdown of her marriage, finding love with Steve ‘The Commando’ Willis, and being a mum. 


Johnny Ruffo

The popular Aussie star talks to Pete Timbs about his childhood, his sudden rise to fame and his battle with cancer. 


Bridie Carter

The Aussie favourite shares some of her most personal stories – and discusses the future of McLeod’s Daughters – in an intimate chat with WHO’s Pete Timbs. If you or someone you know is struggling, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. 


Roxy Jacenko

PR legend Roxy talks to Pete Timbs about what she did while her husband was in prison that she now regrets, and how she definitely doesn’t regret telling her kids their father was ‘really in China’. She also talks extremely frankly about her fraught relationship with her father, and her battle with breast cancer. Asked about the last time she lied, Roxy gives a very honest answer, and she tells the startling story of how she recently ended up spending $27,000 on her appearance.


Shannon Noll

Australian music icon Shannon Noll has been the subject of plenty of headlines of late – and a lot more memes! But who is the man behind the myth? The star opens up like never before in this revealing and exclusive interview. 


Tom Williams

The Aussie favourite tells all to Pete Timbs. 


Chrissie Swan

The popular star shares some secrets with interviewer Pete Timbs. 


Larry Emdur

Pete Timbs talks to Aussie TV icon Larry Emdur about his fascinating rise to fame. 


Elle Halliwell

Fashion and entertainment journalist and author Elle Halliwell talks about her difficult childhood, making it in media industry, and the unimaginable heartbreak of being diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia while pregnant. 


Joel Creasey

The Take Me Out star shares some hilarious stories as he charts his path from childhood in Perth to Aussie TV stardom. 


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