These press-on nails look like the real deal!

Why spend $80 when you can spend $30?
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Let’s face it, nails are expensive. The claw-like plates may seem unremarkable – they assist us with hand dexterity and allow us to claw or tear things. But, naturally, as such a highly-used tool, they draw a lot of attention.

An intrinsic part of one’s appearance, the keratin structures have long been decorated and adorned as an extension of one’s persona. Much like makeup, hair styling, and clothing, the nails are a mode of self expression.

Whether they’re duty-worn or long and talon-like, their appearance can purvey a lot about a person. Often maintained as part of one’s personal grooming regime, those who choose to service their nails with polishes, acrylics, gel extensions, and dip powders will understand the high cost associated.

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With the cost of living crisis only continuing, upkeep of such services has remained a challenge for many. 

Thus, many have resorted to at-home manicures. They’re convenient and cost-effective…. but can also present the challenge of time.

This is where press-ons come in. With a salon-like finish and strong structure, they’re a viable option for acrylic, gel or SNS lovers looking to save time and money.

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Better yet, combined with their application ease, the manicure alternatives are often created in line with recent trends. Think Hailey Bieber nails, French tips, and funky designs

How to make press-on nails last longer

To get the most out of your press-ons, the founder of nail brand Glowie, Chloe Zhu, shared her three easy steps with WHO.

  • Prepare the nail plate: Starting on clean hands, take a wooden cuticle stick (often provided in press-on kits) and gently push the cuticles back. Take a nail file and lightly buff the surface of the nail. The extra texture allows for better hold.
  • Clean the nail: Taking an alcohol pad, swipe over each nail to get rid of any surface oils. According to Chloe, “Moisture is the enemy when it comes to applying press on nails, so make sure that your nails are completely dry before you begin.”
  • Glue application: When it’s time to apply your nails, make sure to be generous with your glue. Apply the glue to the entirety of the nail plate (leaving space between the nail and the skin) and back of the press-on itself. Then, when applying your nails, take it one at a time. Make sure you fit each nail correctly by holding down for a few seconds to ensure proper adherence.

Best press-on nails Australia

Glowie Hailey (Re-edition) nails (Credit: Glowie)

Glowie Hailey (Re-edition) nails, $45 at Glowie

Get the ‘glazed doughnut’ Hailey Bieber nails from the comfort of your own home. Glowie’s best-sellers give users a pearlescent salon finish that even Hailey would be jealous of. Thanks to the brand’s functional ‘nail palette’, users can also re-wear their nails! Simply store them in the chic little container after removal and pop them open for future use.


Elegant Touch Acrylic French Ombre Nails Stiletto (Credit: ASOS)

Elegant Touch Acrylic French Ombre Nails Stiletto, $14 at ASOS

UK-loved brand Elegant Touch possesses an acrylic range created for the sheer purpose of mimicking a salon finish at home. Their ombre-effect nails have a natural milky gradient for something a little more subtle.


Instant Mani Co Daisy White Press On Nails Set (Credit: Sephora)

Instant Mani Co Daisy White Press On Nails Set, $28 at Sephora

Fresh white sets are a true go-to. In a coffin shape, Instant Mani Co’s Daisy press-ons are a beloved option.


Rubi Press On Nails in Warm Chocolate (Credit: Cotton On)

Rubi Press On Nails in Warm Chocolate, $12.99 at Cotton On

For only $12.99, you can score yourself a trendy set of nail art! Highly regarded by reviewers, they’re also said to last a long time.


Paintlab Luna Press On Nails (Credit: Sephora)

Paintlab Luna Press On Nails, $30 at Sephora

This elevated French tip style will have everyone asking where you got your nails done. Alas, for $30 you were able to create the trendy result from the comfort of your own home…


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