Do you suffer from brow blindness? Here’s everything you need to know about the latest social media craze

This trend has everyone sharing throwback photos.
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While we’re constantly watching the runway and red carpets, we’re also busy scrolling through TikTok to keep an eye on any upcoming beauty crazes.

Home to micro-trends and plenty of how-to videos, it’s become our go-to destination to find out if we’re doing our makeup right -or wrong.

Enter brow blindness, the latest eyebrow trend that has left us questioning our ability to shape and fill them in correctly.

Intrigued? Keep scrolling as we take a deep dive into the trend.

Camila Mendes eyebrow trend
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What is eyebrow blindness?

It’s the latest trend to take over social media, with TikTokkers sharing throwback photos of what their brows used to look like, dubbing it as brow blindness.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t see how your brows actually look, instead shows how many of us have fallen into various eyebrow trends over the years, rather than keeping them in a shape that best suits the face.

Whether you were guilty of over-plucking or filling them in a few shades too dark, it’s an easy mistake to make.

Samantha Tonkin, National Brow and Beauty Authority at Benefit explains; “It’s realising that how you have been styling your brows for so long just doesn’t suit your face shape or features; too far apart, different arches, short tails etc.”

“This usually happens because we often fill / tweeze our brows up close in the mirror and without looking at our whole face front on.” 

Brie Larson eyebrow trend
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The TikTok filter

If the viral videos aren’t enough to make you question whether your brows are the best they can be, then leave it up to TikTok’s eyebrow-mapping filter to really send you into a frenzy.

The popular filter aligns your facial features, mapping out and predicting the best shape and placement of your brows.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our brows” says Tonkin. “And thanks to that one viral TikTok and filter so many of us have now realised this about our own brows.”

As a rule of thumb, brows should be the opposite of your face shape. For example, if you have a square face, look for soft arches. Or if you have a round face, you’ll want your brows to have a defined shape.

Head into store

Don’t let the filters or videos send you into a panic. Book in to see a brow consultant to guide you on the best shape and structure for your brows.

“If you are looking for the right shape, I will always recommend seeing a professional brow expert” says Tonkin.

“Getting the shape right is the hardest part, after that the maintenance is manageable.”

A brow expert will talk you through your current shape and map out the ideal placement for your brows. You can choose to have them waxed, tinted or even laminated to achieve your new look!

Head into your nearest Sephora or Myer to book a Benefit beauty service.

Bryce Dallas Howard eyebrow trend
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Top up your tools

Once you’ve decided on the ideal shape, be sure to get your hands on a brow pencil to help you fill in and feather. “Precisely my brow pencil is my best trick for shaping the brows” says Tonkin.

“The 1.5mm tip allows you to draw hairlike strokes when you are missing hair and outline the brows to add structure. Plus, the waterproof formula means it lasts all day!”

Look for a fine crayon with a rich pigment so you can easily add definition and colour.

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