Gigi Hadid reveals her workout secrets

How to get those rock hard abs
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Gigi Hadid’s trainer Rob Piela has revealed exactly how the model maintains her flawless figure.

“It’s all about how hard you work and how much you put in – Gigi is a hard worker,” he told Vogue US.

The fitness trainer said the Victoria’s Secret model’s workout usually lasts for an hour and includes boxing sets, crunches and planks to help keep her abs flat and toned.

The model will switch back and forth between cardio-friendly boxing and strenuous floor work to keep her core engaged through a total-body workout, a routine that she returns to week after week without fail.

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Hadid will warm up her core with 10 minutes of boxing followed by three sets of 40 crunches each.

She then raises her heart rate with 10 more minutes of boxing before performing three sets of 40 bicycle crunches and boxing for 10 minutes again.

The model finishes with a 60 second plank and four sets of 25 leg raises each.

Piela suggests careful ab work, including planks to work the deeper muscles, crunches for a visible six pack and leg raises to target the lower abdominals.

“Staying fit is all about consistency,” Piela says. “Don’t miss workout days; don’t get lazy in the winter.”

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