Hot hair tips from a pro stylist

Insider secrets you need to know!
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A good hair day is a good day. It’s that simple.

And if anyone knows how to make every day a good hair day – it’s a celebrity stylist.

Michael Brown is one such stylist. He regularly looks after the locks of Jesinta Franklin plus a swag of other A-Listers, and luckily for us, he is willing to share some of his secrets so that we too can have good hair, and accordingly, good days, of our own.

Hell yes. He is spilling the hot hair tips to us – and we are bringing them directly to you.

Scroll down to read Michael’s top tips.

Is there an insider’s style tip you can share with us that our readers wouldn’t know about?

This tip is mainly for women who have curls and/ or waves or even just some frizz. Apparently, if you have this type of hair you need to be careful with your use of hairspray, says Michael.

“I see so many women spraying hairspray around their head like the ring of Saturn,” he says.

“But all this does is weigh the hair down, giving no volume or definition and creating a thick sticky film on surface of hair.”

Instead Michael recommends curly girls use get dry texture spray and spray through hair to create volume and definition.

“Pick up hair from the side, as it falls, spray product through hair which will give a lifted textured look, not flat,” he says.

Jesinta Franklin
Jesinta Franklin showing off her killer hair – which is regularly styled by Michael. (Image: Instagram/@jesinta_franklin)

Bangs are everywhere right now – good option? Please tell us more.

Bangs can change your look and dramatically so, says Michael.

“If you love an up-do or a pony, slicking back all your hair off your face can seem severe, so adding bangs relaxes the look and makes it more playful,” he explains.

This look is also great if you have a larger forehead, he reveals. Brush them to the side and this looks even better.

“Bangs disguise the size of your forehead and make your face look more balanced,” says Michael. “They’re also great if you have a sudden forehead breakout!”

Michael didn’t say this, but we will. A fringe (or bangs as so many people call them these days) can hide those irritating forehead lines the vast majority of us develop post 30 years of age or so.

VS Sassoon hair brush
VS Sassoon hair brush – Michael’s favourite. (Image: Supplied.)

Easiest hair do for a night out when I am in a rush? Because I am always in a rush!

If you’re in a hurry skip the brush as brushing can sometimes cause more frizz, says Michael.

He recommends instead using a heated ceramic brush to smooth the hair. His favourite, VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hot Air Brush, $99.95.

Also consider adding a thickening or styling paste. Michael suggests you run it through your hair with your fingers.

“This will give that wet look effect to the roots of hair… This is very popular on runways and red carpets right now,” he says.

“It’s easy and sexy too.”

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