The moisturiser Lady Gaga uses to cleanse her face

Oscars' viewers are dying to know what she used to remove her makeup...
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Lady Gaga stunned the 2023 Oscars audience with her stripped-back rendition of Hold My Hand. Performing bare-faced in a black jeans, t-shirt, and Converse ensemble, the singer left the A-list crowd speechless.

Accompanying the appreciation for her vocal prowess, online audiences have also been quick to discuss what cleanser she may have used. Minutes earlier she was donning a dramatic black smoky eye… So her cleanser must have been pretty powerful.

WATCH: Lady Gaga performs ‘Hold My Hand’ at the Oscars. Article continues after video.

Considering this, it may come as a surprise that Gaga uses none other than moisturiser.

According to The Skincare Edit, she uses makeup artist staple Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré!

“Embryolisse cream. I’m kind of old-school. I put it all over my face and just wipe it off,” reports The Skincare Edit.

The cult-classic cream is also used by Gaga’s makeup artist Sarah Tanno before applying makeup.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (Credit: French Beauty Co)

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The French skincare staple is an emollient must-have. Perfect for sensitive skin, it’s no wonder Lady Gaga is a fan. 

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