Getting Your Groove On: The Return Of 70s Fashion For Men

Looking to get into 70s fashion for men? Find out how to get the look here.
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Big hair. Big shoes. Big pants. The 70s were a landmark decade in fashion and represented a continuation of the previous decade’s journey of self-expression. Now, 70s fashion in men is making its comeback, and if you want to pull off a perfect disco or hippie look, this article is a great place to start.

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The 70s: A Fashionable Overview

The 70s were the continuation of a time period characterised by war. 

Both the Vietnam War and the Cold War were in full swing, and so were the counterculture protest roots that challenged them. The peace-loving hippies of the last decade were inspiring the fashion of the new generation, with tie-dye shirts, bright colours, and short skirts serving as the most visible carry-overs from that era’s fashion trends.

The 70s Look: Bright, Bold, Beautiful

There wasn’t really a single ‘70s look’ that everyone followed. Instead, there was a diverse array of looks that you’d adopt for each occasion. But all of them were highlighted by a vastly more colourful, more expressive appearance than any other period of fashion in history.

Studio 54 Fashion

This famous disco outfit is perhaps the most recognisable 70s style outfit of all time. The name is a reference to Club Studio 54 on 54th Street in Manhattan. Celebrities used to gather at this legendary nightclub, with the likes of Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, and Andy Warhol as its patrons. 

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One of the most exclusive aspects of Studio 54 was its unique dress code, with some people getting turned away if they weren’t dressed well. In this case, ‘dressed well’ often meant brightly-coloured three-piece suits, a whole lot of leather, flared pants, and kipper ties that by today’s standards would be comically large.

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In the 70s, men’s clothes and women’s fashion were separated by a smaller line than ever, especially with Studio 54 fashion. Plunging necklines and bell-bottom jeans were a gender-neutral affair, and glitter was a one-size-fits-all beautifier for both sexes.


The hippie revolution of the 60s is iconic for its ‘flower power’ prints, peace symbols, loose clothing, and tie-dye fashion. The look took elements from cultures that were considered less modernised, such as Native American and Mexican traditional outfits. There was a focus on organic, self-made, and individualistic clothing, all in defiance of capitalism, warmongering, and ‘The Man.’

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The fashion of the hippies carried over into the 70s and inspired the laid-back look that many people adopted when they weren’t downtown partying at a nightclub. It may also have inspired the colourful look of other types of 70s fashion. By the mid-70s, the hippie look was falling out of vogue, with other styles taking its place for casual wear.


The ‘modern’ trend of athleisure really isn’t anything new. In the 1970s, it became fashionable to wear tracksuits and other sportswear out in public, even if you weren’t headed to the gym or going for a run. 

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How To Get The 70s Look

Achieving that glamourous 70s style is getting easier thanks to its revival as a fashion trend. Whether you need to hire a 70s party outfit, or you’re just taking inspiration from 70s outfits for your men’s clothes, here’s how to get the look:


Put a three-piece suit together, preferably in bright colours like yellow or green, and unbutton the first two buttons. You can hire one as well if it’s just for a night.


Few hairstyles are as iconically 70s as the afro. If you have the right type of hair then go ahead and grow it out naturally, then comb it outward into a rounded shape. If you don’t quite have the hair just yet, you can buy a wig for an authentic 70s afro look.


Ain’t nothin’ more 70s than some high-heeled platform shoes. Get them in leather or suede, and if you’re feeling extra spunky, look for ones that are already covered in glitter!

The Return Of The Classics

If there’s one hard-and-fast rule in fashion, it’s that there are no hard-and-fast rules. You can mix and match whatever style you want, whether it’s vintage disco pants and hippie peasant tops, or afros and tracksuits. Fashion is about self-expression, and you can use these 70s outfit ideas in combination with any other style to show off your individuality!

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