From Swimming To Golf: 10 Pieces Of UPF Clothing To Protect You During Any Activity

Be stylish and sun-safe with UPF clothing.

When you live in a sunny country like Australia, you need to be extra vigilant about protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Most people think that they can just slap on some sunscreen and they’ll be safe, but usually, this isn’t enough – especially when you’re the type who loves being outdoors. Luckily, you can add a (literal) layer of protection by wearing sun-protective clothing.

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What Kinds Of Clothing Can Protect You From The Sun?

If you don’t keep your skin protected from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, you’re more susceptible to early signs of ageing and skin cancer – this is especially important for little kids and older adults! But some items of clothing are better at protecting your skin from the UV than others.

Dark Clothes

Here’s a useful scientific fact for you: Dark colours absorb light better than light colours. There’s a reason why wearing black makes you feel warmer on a hot day – rather than reflecting light or allowing light to pass through, dark colours absorb light and heat. But while dark clothes feel warmer temperature-wise, they keep UV rays OFF your skin. 

Loose Clothes

You might think that the tighter the fabric, the more protected your skin is, but it’s quite the opposite. See, tight clothes will stretch when worn, thus losing some of their sun-protective factors. Instead of reaching for a tight-fitting t-shirt, go for a breathable long-sleeved top instead!

Polyester/Nylon/Satin Clothing

Polyester and nylon are the most effective fabrics at reflecting light, followed by satin, silk, and cotton.

UPF Clothing

These days, there’s a growing trend of sun-protective clothing or items that have ultra protective factor (UPF). UPF makes clothes sun-safe by creating a barrier between the fabric and your skin. Unlike SPF, which measures the amount of time it takes your skin to burn with coverage, UPF rating indicates how much of the sun’s rays are allowed to penetrate the clothing. For example, UPF 30 clothing lets 6 to 4 percent of UV rays in, while UPF 50 clothing lets only 2 percent of UV rays to pass through.


The 10 Best Pieces Of Sun-Protective Clothing 

10. Quiksilver Long-Sleeve Men’s Rash guard

Price: $USD40 or $AUD58

UPF Factor: UPF 50+

Overview: This loose-fitting, 92 percent nylon rash guard already ticks off two boxes in terms of sun protection, but adds an extra layer of protection with its 50 UPF rating. With flatlock seams, this rash guard also prevents chafing – perfect for use at the beach or during water sports.

9. L. L. Bean Women’s Printed Sun Shirt

Price: $AUD54 to $AUD85

UPF Factor: UPF 50+

Overview: Block the sun, not the fun”, their website says, and we love that! Usually, rash guards and long-sleeved swimming cover-ups come in boring, neutral colours like black, white, and navy. L.L. Bean provides fun, printed options made of nylon and Lycra. 

8. Under Armour Iso-Chill Shore Break Camo Men’s Fishing Long-Sleeve Shirt

Price: $USD37.99 or $AUD57.96

UPF Factor: UPF 50+

Overview: This long-sleeved hooded fishing shirt is made from 100 percent polyester, meaning it gives its wearer full coverage from the sun while reflecting its UV rays at the same time. The Iso-Chill fabric is also cool to the touch and quick-drying!

7. Lululemon Water Bound Hoodie

Price: $USD88 or AUD127

Overview: In contrast to the other UPF clothes on this list that are made for swimming or to be work over swimwear, Lululemon’s hoodie with UV protection makes for a good jogging top too. Made of Lycra and with mesh vents to help you cool down when you exercise, this hoodie is great for summer time runs.

6. Billabong Core Loose Fit Long Sleeve Rash guard

Price: $USD23.97 or $AUD34.75

UPF Factor: UPF 50+

Overview: This boyfriend tee-fitting women’s rash guard is made of a stretch polyester and elastane blend, meaning it’s great at keeping those UV rays away. With a crew neck collar and Billabong logo graphic on the chest, it fits just like a regular t-shirt. And at $AUD34.75, this is one of the more affordable options on this list. 

5. Coolibar UPF 50+ Catalina Beach Cover-Up Dress

Price: $USD79 or $ AUD114.53

UPF Factor: UPF 50+

Overview: Tired or rash guards and hoodies? Coolibar’s cover-up dress might be a good option for you! This V-neck dress with front pockets is a stylish and convenient piece that can be worn at the beach or a barbecue party. Plus, it comes in tons of different styles and colours, from nautical blue, red, and white stripes to striking red to neutral black.

4. Nike Dri-Fit UV Solar Sleeves

Price: $USD27.99 or $AUD40.59

Overview: If you’re not looking to dress up in UPF clothing from head-to-toe, this might be a good alternative. Nike’s Dri-Fit UV Solar Sleeves are great for golfers and athletes who are training under the sun. The sleeves are made from 84 percent polyester and 16 percent spandex. 

3. Adidas UV Protection ¼ Zip Sweatshirt

Price: $USD60 or $AUD86.99

UPF Factor: UPF 50+

Overview: Speaking of golf, here’s a golf sweatshirt that comes in a soft and lightweight polyester to keep you from getting too warm and UPF 50+ UV protection to keep your skin from getting sun damage. Oh, and it comes with a standup collar and quarter-front zip to help you cool down. It’s super stylish too!

2. The North Face Women’s Long-Sleeve Sunblocker Shirt

Price: $USD72 or $AUD104

Overview: Here’s one for the mountaineers: a long-sleeved button-down shirt that is as form-fitting as it is stylish with its checkered print and bright colours. It’s a lightweight nylon/polyester blend that’s suited for long hours on the trail! 

1. Patagonia’s Men’s Sun Shade Technical Hoody

Price: $USD79 or $AUD114

Overview: Made from 100 percent polyester (60 percent of which is recycled – a win for sustainability!) and with UPF 50+ and odour control, this technical hoodie is great for environmentally conscious folk who love outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking, and hiking! 

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