Love the planet while you self-love with these eco-friendly sex toys

Green and pleasure inducing.
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Self-love and pleasure have never been more important and more mainstream, which we are endlessly thankful for of course. 

But for those of us who want to go green where we can, finding sustainable sex toys can be a challenge – until now! 

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As many of us are becoming more aware of our plastic consumption it’s hard not to consider the statistics on plastic waste while we shop for those everyday pleasures. 

When it comes to sex toys due to the way we use them, it is hard to substitute certain materials and reusing and recycling are particularly trying. However, over recent years, there have been developments in how we can turn our self-love sustainable and consider the environment while we embrace pleasure

Below, we’re taking a look at some of the best sustainable sex toys on the market so you can get busy and go green, all at once. 

The best sustainable sex toys to try this year

(Credit: Yoni Pleasure Palace)

The Rose Curve Crystal Dildo, $199, Yoni Pleasure Palace

The perfect beginner toy, it’s simple and easy to use as well as sustainable as it is made from 100 per cent Brazilian rose quartz crystal. Designed to encourage spiritual healing and self-pleasure, amplifying love, gentleness and the divine feminine. 


(Credit: Frenchie)

Frenchie Deux Beret Condom Bundle, $24, Frenchie

Although not a toy, these sustainable condoms are a must-have for your next date night. Made from 100 per cent natural rubber latex they’re also fragrance and gluten-free while also being pH balanced. 


(Credit: Lovehoney x Love Not War)

Lovehoney x Love Not War Laska Rechargeable Bunny Ears Vibrator, $90.96 (usually $129.95), Lovehoney

This eco-friendly toy is made from recycled aluminium and silicone, making it comfortable to use and sustainable. 100 per cent waterproof, rechargeable and discreet – it’s a great start to your eco-friendly toy collection. 


(Credit: Lovehoney x Love Not War)

Lovehoney x Love Not War Liebe Rechargeable G Spot Vibrator, $104.96 ($149.95), Lovehoney

Another simple to use sustainable option from Lovehoney x Love Not War, this vibrator is made to stimulate your g-spot with 11 must-try vibration functions. 


(Credit: Womanizer)

Womanizer Premium Eco Intense Clitoral Orgasm, $224.99 (usually $269.99), Jou Jou

This toy is the most sustainable Pleasure Air toy to be made, it’s biodegradable Biolene and fully recyclable which is a major win in our books. Not to mention its 12 intensity levels, easy-to-use design and silence. 


(Credit: Luvloob)

Luvloob Make Me Happy Lubricant, $25.95, Adore Beauty 

Made in New Zealand this natural lube brand creates water-based lubricants that have no nasties and come in a range of flavours to enhance your next date.


(Credit: My Ilo)

Shea Butter Melt Massage Candle, $54.95, My ilo 

Heat it up with this sensual candle from sustainable sex toy brand My ilo. Made from shea butter and olive oil, not only will this candle spice up your next playtime but it’ll leave your skin supple and smooth while you do it – not to mention it’s vegan too! 


LEAD IMAGE: Womanizer via Jou Jou 

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