Why Switching from a Duffel Bag to a Carry-On Suitcase Was the Best Travel Decision I Ever Made

It's a game-changer for flying.
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When travelling interstate, the trusty duffel bag has never proven me wrong. Sure, sometimes I have to leave some of my stuff at home since it’s a tight squeeze, and sure, sometimes I have to dig through my bag like a mad woman at airport security to find my laptop (which of course, is packed right at the bottom, surrounded by socks, bras and underwear that without a doubt, will also fall out). Yes, sometimes I get a lingering bruise on my shoulder from lugging it from gate to gate…but I swear, it’s never crossed my mind that another option could exist.

I have never really given much thought to carry-on suitcases. In my mind, they were for frequent flyers and fancy businessmen who were on work trips, for flight attendants and those people who wear jeans to the airport. But boy was I wrong. After one too many unpacking-my-whole-life at the airport moments to find my phone charger that was conveniently packed right at the bottom of my bag, I bit the bullet and bought a carry-on suitcase. At the time, I thought I was being frivolous, but after using it on my most recent trip I have quickly realised that it changes the game for travel.

After some research, I ended up purchasing the Clifton Cabin With Pocket in Woodland Green (and an accompanying luggage strap in coral orange, of course). Lightweight, cabin-size and a lifetime warranty? It wasn’t really a splurge at this point, it was a completely reasonable financial purchase. What really sold me was the laptop pocket on the front – which makes the dreaded electronics retrieval a piece of cake in rushed TSA queues.

One return flight later and I was sold on my choice. Easy maneuvering, more space for clothes and when the airline made us check our luggage, I had no nightmare-inducing flattened duffel bag, instead I had a TSA-locked, secure and safe suitcase that was just fine travelling alongside its bigger and heavier companions.

Pretty AND Practical (Credit: Antler)

What Makes The Clifton Cabin with Pocket Different?

The Clifton Cabin with Pocket stands out due to its chic design, practical features, and innovative security measures. Unlike many other carry-on suitcases, it boasts a spacious front pocket for quick access to travel essentials, with padded compartments specifically for a tablet and a 15.6” laptop. Designed exclusively for cabin use, it’s perfect for short work trips or city breaks, meeting most airline carry-on requirements. The innovative double TSA lock secures both the front pocket and main compartment, offering peace of mind. Inside, packing straps, a D-zip pocket, and waterproof mesh pockets keep belongings organised. Despite its durable construction, the suitcase remains lightweight and easy to handle, with smooth-rolling wheels and an innovative twist-grip handle for enhanced comfort. With designated spots for your passport and travel documents, compact dimensions, a weight of just 3.3 kg, and a packing capacity of 38 litres, it maximizes convenience. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty, for that added peace of mind.

Maximising all the space. (Credit: Antler)

What Are The Key Features Of The Clifton Cabin with Pocket?

Chic and Practical Front Pocket

  • Spacious Front Pocket: The Clifton Cabin with Pocket includes a large, stylish front pocket designed for easy access to your most important travel essentials. This pocket is not only chic but also highly functional.
  • Padded Slip Pocket: Inside the front pocket, you’ll find a padded slip pocket specifically designed to secure a tablet, ensuring your device is safe and readily accessible.
  • Laptop Pocket: Additionally, there is a separate pocket that comfortably fits a 15.6” laptop, providing an extra layer of protection for your valuable electronics.

Perfect for Short Trips

  • Cabin Size Only: This suitcase is available exclusively in cabin size, making it the perfect companion for short work trips or quick city breaks. Its compact size ensures it meets most airline carry-on requirements.
  • Double TSA Lock: For added security, the Clifton Cabin features an innovative double TSA lock. This lock secures the contents of both the front pocket and the main compartment of the case, giving you peace of mind while you travel.

Organized Interior

  • Packing Straps: Inside the suitcase, packing straps help keep your belongings neatly in place, preventing them from shifting during transit.
  • D-Zip Pocket: An additional D-zip pocket provides extra storage space for smaller items, making it easier to stay organized.
  • Waterproof and Mesh Pocket: The interior also includes a waterproof pocket and a mesh pocket, perfect for separating wet items or storing delicate belongings.

Ease of Use

  • Strong and Lightweight: Despite its durable construction, the Clifton Cabin is light on its feet, making it easy to handle and transport.
  • Smooth Wheels: The suitcase is equipped with smooth-rolling wheels that glide effortlessly, allowing for easy maneuverability through airports and city streets.
  • Innovative Twist-Grip Handle: The innovative twist-grip handle enhances comfort and control, making it easier to navigate your suitcase through crowded spaces.

Additional Specifications

  • Secure Spots: The suitcase includes designated secure spots for your passport, pen, and travel documents, keeping these essential items within easy reach.
  • Weight: Weighing in at just 3.3 kg, the Clifton Cabin is lightweight without compromising on strength or durability.
  • Packing Capacity: With a packing capacity of 38 litres, this suitcase offers ample space for all your travel necessities.
  • Dimensions: Measuring 56 x 35 x 23 cm, it is designed to maximize packing space while remaining compact and convenient.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The Clifton Cabin comes with a lifetime warranty, reflecting its high quality and the manufacturer’s confidence in its durability.
The front laptop pocket was what sold me. (Credit: Antler)

How Much Does The Clifton Cabin with Pocket Cost?

The Clifton Cabin with Pocket is priced at $349.00. This investment provides you with a high-quality, stylish, and functional suitcase that is perfect for short work trips or city breaks. The suitcase offers numerous features, including a spacious and practical front pocket, secure padded compartments for your electronics, and an organized interior with multiple pockets. Additionally, it is equipped with smooth-rolling wheels and an innovative twist-grip handle for ease of use. The Clifton Cabin also comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and value for your purchase.

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