The Travel Accessories You Need to Be the It Girl of the Airport on Your Next Trip

Fly with ease and style.
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Whether you’re jetting off to some island getaway to make the most of your summer or perhaps you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, if you’re anything like us you have your sights set on your next big adventure.

Travelling can be stressful, so finding the perfect accessories that make the whole experience a breeze can make a world of difference. 

Obviously, you have your suitcase at the ready, (and if you don’t, then check out our list of the top luggage to shop for any adventure), you’ve carefully planned out and curated your entire vacation wardrobe, but what’s missing? 

The all-important and often overlooked travel accessories that make the world of difference in transforming your holiday go from stressful, busy and booked to ‘lax and laid=back. 

So book the hotels, pack your bags and prepare for adventure. Read on to find our top travel accessory tips and shop away. 

The best travel accessories to shop for your next holiday in 2023

(Credit: LOUVE Collection)

Classic clear phone case and gold-plated chain, from $85, LOUVE Collection

You may have noticed that all the cool girls of Europe are wearing their phones on a blinged-out phone chain. Not only does this keep your phone within arm’s reach at all times, but it is also a great way to prevent pickpockets from nabbing your valuables.


(Credit: Trtl)

Travel pillow, $65.69 (was $72.99), Trtl

This is no ordinary travel pillow, oh no. The Trtl travel pillow is a must-try for anyone who has wound up with the window seat, is flying long haul or just needs a bit of shut-eye. It will support the neck and allow you to relax in even the most squashy of planes. 

Trtl is offering up to 30% off, sitewide until Dec 27.


(Credit: Louenhide)

Marcie jewellery box, $39.95, Louenhide 

Keep your gems and jewels safe while you travel with this adorable metallic jewellery box with plenty of compartments for organisation. 


travel toiletry containers
(Credit: Madenia)

Madenia Travel bottle set, $26.99, Amazon

Don’t sacrifice your favourite beauty products! Decant your must-haves into these handy travel containers that are TSA-approved for international travel and slot neatly into a convenient holder. 


dirty clothes bag
(Credit: Wander Well)

Wander Well Dirrrty travel laundry bag, $37, Hardtofind

A travel laundry bag is an absolute game-changer. Keep track of your dirty clothes and separate them from the rest of your suitcase with this adorable laundry bag. 


cosmetic case
(Credit: Louenhide)

Georgie cosmetic case, $69.95, Louenhide

Ensure your makeup looks stay up to scratch by packing your unforgettable beauty products in this sleek cosmetic case that will keep them safe throughout your travels. Available in a range of colours, this handy case folds out and unpacks for convenience. If you want a smaller case we recommend the Fifi or go even bigger with the Emma case


(Credit: Nere)

Nere Stori packing cube set, $24.99, STRAND

The way packing cubes will revolutionise the way you pack is genius. Not only will they keep your luggage organised and neat, they allow you to pack even more than you originally planned. 


(Credit: 35mm Co)

35mm Co The Reloader reusable camera, $99, THE ICONIC

Capture all of the precious moments of your trip on this reusable film camera that delivers you the perfect vintage vibe pics for your Instagram travel dump. 


tech travel case
(Credit: July)

Tech kit, $85, July

Keep your tech together throughout your travels with this handy hard case that will ensure everything is protected and safe. 


neck pillow
(Credit: Typo)

Travel pillow with hood, $29.99, Typo

Don’t knock it till you try it… This handy neck pillow will shield your face from light on long flights or drives and keep your next trip comfortable.


compression socks
(Credit: CAMBIVO)

CAMBIVO Compression socks pack, $23.99, Amazon

Again, perhaps not the most chic of travel goods but definitely a necessity. These compression socks will ensure you get off the plane without swollen legs and feet, as well as helping to reduce the risk of varicose veins or DVT. 


LEAD IMAGE: Instagram /@kyliejenner

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