Finding the Best Travel Hair Dryers in Australia

For all you frequent flyers!
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If you fancy yourself a bit of a nomad, you may have considered investing in a travel size hair dryer. Some hotels do come equipped with a standard hair dryer, but as you’re probably aware, using a low quality dryer can actually do more harm than good! Having a travel hair dryer provides you with consistency in performance, as well as reassurance that you’ll always have a hair dryer on hand wherever you go.

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Why A Travel Hairdryer?

So why not just take a standard hair dryer? Well, a hair dryer made specifically for travel will come with features that make it much easier to incorporate into your travel routine. They are smaller in size compared to their standard dryers, they can often fold and come with carrying cases, and most come with dual voltage capabilities as well.

There’s more to travel hair dryers than just their size. They come with lots of neat features that make travelling a breeze! And these days, travel dryers have power outputs at about the same level as a standard model. Just because it’s built for travel doesn’t mean you have to compromise.

Woman blowing her hair with a hairdryer
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What To Look For In A Travel Hairdryer

When choosing your preferred travel hair dryer, you should consider a couple of factors in your decision-making.

Dual Voltage

This is an essential feature for travel hair dryers, especially for those who go abroad. A dual voltage hair dryer will come with two voltage options, 110-120V or 220-240V. Different countries use different voltages, and you’ll want a hair dryer that can handle both. Some gadgets can adjust voltage automatically, but your hair dryer may have a manual voltage switch, so look out!

Ceramic Element

A ceramic element will help prevent frizz and ensure that heat is evenly distributed while you’re blow-drying. Ceramics will help speed up the drying process, and make sure that your hair isn’t damaged so badly.

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Ionic Capabilities

If a hair dryer is ionic, they’ll discharge negative ions while they blow-dry. If all that’s a bit science-y, just know that all it really does is help your hair stay shinier and fuller.

Foldable Handle

A folding handle is a simple and extremely effective method of size reduction where the handle folds neatly onto the body of the hair dryer. A straightforward and helpful feature.

A Review Of The Best Travel Hair Dryers In Australia

We’ve sifted through a ton of travel hair dryers to give you a list of what we believe are seven of the best travel hair dryers available in Australia. Lots of these will be available at your local Target or Big W, while some may need to be purchased online or at a specialty store.

#7 – Silver Bullet Baby Travel Hair Dryer

Cost: $AUD43.85

Overview: Dual voltage, speed and heat control, styling nozzle and diffuser included

For what you’re getting, this hair dryer is amazing value! You get a compact hair dryer with dual voltage capabilities, making it easy to travel with. While it’s not as powerful as other hair dryers on our list, it does have decent speed and heat controls, along with a diffuser and styling nozzle.

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#6 – Parlux Advance Light Ionic & Ceramic Dryer

Cost: $AUD225.00

Overview: Ionic and ceramic technology, powerful motor, speed and heat control

This hair dryer packs a ton of features into a single product. Ionic and ceramic elements keep your hair from getting damaged, even with its powerful 2,200 watt motor. While it doesn’t fold, the hair dryer is compact enough that it shouldn’t be too hard to travel with. 

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#5 – BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Bambino Travel Dryer

Cost: $AUD57.95

Overview: Small size, powerful motor, dual voltage, concentrator nozzle

Despite its small size, the Bambino is a powerful machine, putting out hot air at a rate you wouldn’t expect from its stature. Small size equals easy travelling, especially when you take into account its dual voltage capabilities. Packed with it as well is a concentrator nozzle to help with more precise styling needs.

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#3 – Remington Jet Setter Travel Dryer

Cost: $AUD25.95

Overview: Powerful, foldable, dual voltage

At 2,000 watts, this hair dryer is packing a monster of a motor. Along with its two speed and heat settings, this hair dryer can get the job done just the way you want it to. It’s very easy to travel with as well, with its folding handle, compact size, and dual voltage capabilities!

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#2 – Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Cost: $AUD383.00

Overview: Strong airflow, powerful motor, automatic temperature adjustment

A hair dryer straight out of the future, the Dyson Supersonic is unlike any other hair dryer on the market today. Boasting a unique shape and a motor six times as powerful as other hair dryers, the Dyson is sure to get your hair dry in record time. While not exactly a travel dryer, its compact design makes it as easy to travel with as any other. It does come at a luxury price point, but if you’re using your hair dryer on a daily basis, it might be worth it to put your money on this one.

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#1 – GHD Flight Saharan Gold Travel Hair Dryer

Cost: $AUD89.00

Overview: Compact and foldable, powerful motor, dual voltage

This limited edition hair dryer from GHD is extremely easy to travel with, given its small size and foldability. Its powerful motor and dual voltage capabilities make a strong case for this hair dryer as the best choice to take with you on your travels!

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