MAFS’ Domenica Calarco shares the secret behind her massive OnlyFans earnings

The new I'm a Celeb contestant has shared just how lucrative the career can be...
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Domenica Calarco shot to fame on Married At First Sight Australia, now the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! contestant has revealed just how much she has made on OnlyFans following her success.

Watch Below: I’m A Celebrity’s Domenica Calarco talks about MAFS scandal

After her appearance on the reality dating series, Domenica relaunched her OnlyFans page in 2022 and has made a killing!

“I made enough for a house deposit after the show,” she said while on I’m A Celebrity.

Domenica Calarco
“I made enough for a house deposit after the show…” (Credit: Instagram)

“But OnlyFans, it’s not anything you wouldn’t see at Bondi Beach. A boxer could be on there to give his tips, you could be on there to talk about AFL, you could be on there Liz (Ellis) to talk about netball.”

In a previous interview with our sister site WHO, Domenica said OnlyFans has an “adult only connotation” which wasn’t the case with her account.

“I want it to be a platform like another Instagram where I’m not filtered, where I can say what I want and I can do what I want,” she said.”We all know Australia is a little bit behind in terms of cultural things like that, but OnlyFans is definitely something I’m going to explore in a different way.”

Domenica Calarco
Domenica is currently in the jungle! (Credit: 10)

But after the biggest scandal in MAFS history where nude photos of Domenica were leaked around the group, she believed “it was the end of [her] career” as a makeup artist.

When fellow I’m A Celebrity contestant Adam Cooney asked why producers didn’t warn her, Dom responded: “Nup, they love that… They would’ve been sitting there frothing at the mouth.”

Domenica revealed that she started an OnlyFans in 2021 after struggling financially amid the pandemic and her divorce.

Watch Below: Domenica in the middle of MAFS nude photo scandal

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“I did it out of need. I did it when I had just gotten a divorce, we were going through a global pandemic and I needed the cash to buy a fridge,” she said.

The reality television star relaunched her account in 2022, just after she and MAFS co-star Ella Ding slammed Olivia Frazer for being “100 per cent hypocritical” for creating her own OnlyFans account.

“To be honest, I feel like they just had no idea, no plan. I think it was impulsive. It’s very hypocritical and now Olivia’s obviously backpedalling,” she said.

Only a month into Olivia’s OnlyFans journey, trolls leaked nude photos across the internet in what some are calling “payback” for what Olivia did on MAFS.

Domenica Calarco
Dom and MAFS co-star Ella Ding slammed Olivia Frazer for being “100 per cent hypocritical” for creating her own OnlyFans account. (Credit: Instagram)

But Domenica said she doesn’t condone the leaks at all, regardless of her ongoing personal issues with Olivia.

She knows exactly what it feels like to have intimate photos shared without her consent and fears that these new leaks will just encourage more people to distribute private and intimate images without consent.”[Oliva] didn’t realise the harm she was going to put me through,” Domenica said.

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