The Project slammed for awkward interview moment

Why former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson accused the hosts of 'stirring s--t'.
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Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly and Peter Helliar have been blasted by Louis Tomlinson’s fans after a few painfully awkward interview moments on The Project.

WATCH: Louis Tomlinson’s awkward moment with The Project hosts

During a live interview, the hosts questioned Louis about his time in mega-famous boy band One Direction, which he said he was still “immensely proud of”.

But they may have taken a wrong turn when they brought up former bandmate Liam Payne’s scandalous claims about the band’s glory days.

For context, Liam claimed on Jake Paul’s podcast that he was the central figure in the group and that he once had a physical altercation with another member – widely believed by fans to be Harry Styles – backstage.

Addressing the claims, Peter asked how Louis felt about his One Direction days after the recent “beef” – but Louis was having none of it.

Louis didn’t look impressed with the line of questioning. (Credit: Ten)

“So the fishing has begun already? Yeah, I see what you are doing,” he quipped.

“Listen, I am immensely proud, as I know Liam is. Immensely proud of those days, obviously. It was an incredible thing to do and at a young age. Amazing memories.”

It was a very measured response from Louis, but Carrie seemed to test his patience when she dug deeper, asking how much he was willing to share with the media.

“It’s just when you mentioned the beef before it sounded like you were getting ready to stir some s–t up, that’s all,” Louis clarified.

Peter joked “Do I look like a s—t stirrer?” in response (we’ll let you answer that one yourself) before Waleed Aly turned the chat to another former 1D member, Harry Styles.

Carrie asked Louis what he was willing to share about his 1D days. (Credit: Ten)

Touching on a new university course being offered in Texas that focuses entirely on megastar Harry’s fame, Waleed wondered if “that should be you”.

Once again, Louis played it cool: “I don’t really have any interest in a course being made about me to be fair, but each to their own.”

The slightly awkward interview hit the internet soon after, where fans slammed The Project for devoting so much time to Louis’ former bandmates.

Twitter users accused the hosts of “forcing in” questions about Liam and Harry rather than “focusing on his solo career like proper journalists”.

WATCH: Lizzo responds to Liam Payne’s interview with Logan Paul

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“You can see in the interview when Louis’ faced dropped when they mentioned the drama with Liam,” one said, adding that the singer looked “angry they mentioned it”.

Another wrote: “What a terrible interview @theprojecttv what’s going on with your show lately?”

Others praised Louis for refusing to speak poorly of his former bandmates, one writing on Twitter that she loved how he called out the hosts “immediately”.

“Louis made it absolutely clear to anyone who wanted to start beef between the boys and the band that he would not stand for it. I love how he called them out immediately,” she penned.

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