Married At First Sight’s John Aiken tells off Susie after she bullies husband Billy

Susie was NOT happy to be called out!

Married At First Sight contestant Susie Bradley got in hot water with John Aiken during her first commitment ceremony over her treatment of husband Billy Vincent.

As soon as the couple sat down with the experts, Susie began berating Billy over his poor communication skills. 

‘You should have used your big boy words,’ she told him.

But Billy turned the tables on Susie, tearfully revealing the hurtful things she’d said to him over the past week. ‘She’s told me that she goes for bigger guys, that I’m too small, that I have no balls, I’m strange, and I’m not a man.’

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Susie responded by listing all of Billy’s ‘bad’ traits. ‘Billy stares. Billy’s very awkward and makes me uncomfortable. The silly, odd things that come out of his mouth freak me out. It’s a lot. He is a lot to take in.’

Billy became more emotional at her harsh words. 

‘I was just a sweetheart to you, far out.’

‘You were too much of a sweetheart and I told you that,’ Susie bit back.

Billy gets emotional on MAFS
(Credit: Channel 9)

It all got too much for John Aiken.

‘Susie, I’m gonna jump in here because I can’t just sit here anymore and hear the way you talk,’ he said. ‘It’s doing my head in. It is toxic.’

Susie was completely taken aback and admitted she couldn’t see how she could be at fault in the relationship.

‘It’s a problem that you don’t know how you’re contributing to this issue,’ John told her. ‘Let me give you some feedback…you talk as though you see yourself as being better than him.’

Married at First Sight Susie and Billy argue at the commitment ceremony
(Credit: Channel 9)

Susie adamantly denied John’s suggestion, but he shut her down again. ‘Cruel putdowns, eye-rolling – that’s contempt and that’s what you do.’

John advised Susie she needed to make some drastic changes to make her relationship with Billy work – but Susie was so annoyed with the feedback, she walked away saying she wished she’d decided to leave instead of stay.

All we can say is: poor Billy!

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