Married At First Sight’s Billy breaks down crying and kicks Susie out of his home

Is this the WORST fight ever?!
Billy and Susie fight on the beach
Susie and Billy's 'marriage' has been fiery from the start.
Channel 9

Following Sunday night’s explosive commitment ceremony, Billy and Susie continue to fight.

On Monday night’s episode, Billy and Susie have an awful day at the beach whereby Susie told him off after he made a little white lie.

Billy and Susie fight on the beach
(Credit: Channel 9)

Susie awakens to a sad Billy, moping on the couch. 

“Do you want to have a chat?” she says.

“Yes, I think we’ll have to…” Billy replies.

“I was quite upset…” he begins. 

“Well I was upset too..and you have no idea why I am upset, all these white lies keep coming out of your mouth,” Susie interrupts.

“Even after a week I have been belittled and talked down to, you haven’t listened to the experts…” sighs Billy. 

at this stage, Susie begins to yell. “It was fine until the got aggro and defensive…You acted ridiculously…you can’t take it!” 

Before we know it, Billy kicks her out. “Please go…honestly. Please just go, I really need you to…”

Eek, this DOES NOT look promising.


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