The Remarkable Journey of Novak Djokovic and Jelena Djokovic

A Timeline of Love, Success, and Family
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Novak Djokovic, the Serbian tennis sensation, and Jelena Djokovic, his wife, share a story that intertwines sportsmanship, love, and family. 

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As the 36-year-old gears up to compete at the Australian Open, we’re looking at the high school sweetheart’s relationship timeline, from their sweet beginnings to their growing family of four. 

novak djokovic wife jelena
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The Early Years of Novak and Jelena’s Relationship 

The paths of Novak Djokovic and Jelena Ristic first crossed during their adolescence in Belgrade, Serbia. Both attended the same high school and despite their different career aspirations at the time – Novak’s dedication to tennis and Jelena’s pursuit of a career in economics – their connection blossomed.

Their bond grew stronger over the years, with Jelena becoming an integral part of Novak’s support system, standing by him through triumphs and challenges in his tennis career.

novak djokovic wife jelena and children
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Novak and Jelena’s Marriage and Family

After eight years of dating, the couple got engaged in 2013, in Monte Carlo, where the tennis star was living at the time. Novak and Jelena tied the knot on July 10, 2014, in a beautiful ceremony in Montenegro. The wedding was a grand affair, attended by family, friends, and fellow tennis players, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

Their family expanded when they welcomed their first child, a son named Stefan, on October 21, 2014. Becoming parents added a new dimension to their lives, and they embraced parenthood with joy and devotion. The couple was elated to share their journey into parenthood with the world.

A few years later, their family experienced another moment of sheer happiness with the birth of their daughter, Tara, on September 2, 2017.

“Very happy and proud to welcome our little girl Tara to our home,” Novak shared on Instagram at the time. “Jelena and I have been hand in hand on their journey and as a man, I have to send my love and admiration to every single women out there for going through so much pain and effort to create life, to bring life and raise a human being … what a blessing to have an opportunity to be a parent!”

“Jelena and Tara are my angels, and Stefan is a proud big brother who wants to take part in baby chores.”

The couple’s family also includes two dogs — poodles named Pierre and Tesla.

novak djokovic wife jelena
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Jelena and Novak’s Philanthropy Work

Jelena Djokovic has been a pillar of support for Novak throughout his tennis career. She’s often seen cheering for him from the player’s box during matches, providing unwavering encouragement and love. Her presence has been a constant source of strength for Novak, both on and off the court.

Apart from being a loving wife and dedicated mother, Jelena has also delved into philanthropic endeavours. Together with Novak, she co-founded the Novak Djokovic Foundation in 2007, aiming to provide quality education and resources to children in need across Serbia. Their foundation’s initiatives have positively impacted the lives of numerous children, emphasizing the couple’s commitment to making a difference in society.

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