The Block’s Steph & Gian: “We Stay In Our Own Lane!”

The Highschool Sweethearts are determined to disregard the drama
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As fans will know from years gone by, drama is never in short supply on The Block, especially as the weeks start to drag on. “This isn’t a show where you need to create [it],” House 4’s Gian tells WHO.

“Delivering a room in seven days and trying to deliver the highest of standards … there’s gonna be drama naturally coming up.” 

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But this season has already seen tensions between contestants run at an all-time high from the get-go, with teams quickly clashing on set. “It’s a pressure cooker environment,” adds Steph. 

As the youngest couple on The Block, the high school sweethearts, both 27, admit the drama that has unfolded over the past few weeks hasn’t exactly been mature. “Some of the conversations that have happened this season, we’re just like, ‘This is Year 12!’” Steph jokes of the squabbles. 

Despite their determination to stay out of the drama, Steph and Gian found themselves right in the middle of it from week one. (Credit: Nine)

And although the pair have done their best to keep their focus on their build and impressing the judges with their incredible ‘Japandi’ aesthetic (a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles), Steph and Gian have managed to ruffle a couple of feathers themselves.

From the heated body corporate meeting called in the first week due to Steph’s dad helping them out on site, to being targets of some on-set negativity, the couple have had to keep strong so as not to get dragged into the fray. 

“Even if we’re at the centre of the drama or someone’s annoyed at us or something, you know, we’re just so in our own lane and focused on what we’re doing that we don’t even try and partake in it,” Steph explains. “I’m super passionate about [design] … so that’s my main focus. The other stuff in the group is just noise, we’re just not engaging in it.” 

Gian and Steph insist that they’ve “been unapologetically ourselves” on the show. “If you put up this front and put on a persona that you’re not, I feel like those people will really suffer the consequences post-show,” Gian explains. (Credit: Nine)

Steph admits her calm confidence may have got people offside, adding that “me really knowing what I want and being really quite vocal,” may have contributed to the personality clashes. “Which is sort of sad, in a way, that just because you’re someone that exudes confidence that you have to be judged based on that.” 

But Steph assures us she isn’t letting it distract her. “It didn’t affect me,” she adds. “If someone judges anyone, it says more about them than me.”

Steph was quick to pick up on some negative vibes from Leah and Ash. (Credit: Nine)

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