What David Graham from Big Brother looks like now

Australia's "gay cowboy" is still a babe!
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David Graham rose to fame in 2006 season of Big Brother Australia after an emotional rollercoaster in which he came out as a gay man on live TV.

WATCH: Cowboy Dave Graham comes out as gay on Big Brother

The 40-year-old, who came third in season six of the reality TV show has since gone on to own his own dog training facility a service based in Western Sydney, where pet owners take their pups to be trained to behave.  

While he is looking a little more mature these days, Dave is currently sporting his long golden locks and a beard to match.

Big brother Dave
David Graham shot to fame in 2006 after appearing on Big Brother. (Credit: Channel Ten)

In February 2016, he welcomed his first of three children, a daughter named Ev.

In the past, he told that he met the mothers of his first baby, Kris and Jane, at an LGBTI event in 2012 and they “just clicked.”

While Dave has no romantic relationship with either of the mothers, he has a mutual understanding with the couple and is constantly posting snaps on Instagram in celebration of having a “rainbow baby.”

Big brother dave
The popular farmer came out on television before placing third in the competition. (Credit: Channel)

Ev recognises Kris and Jane as her mothers, while Dave is the “special uncle”

He has since fathered another daughter with the couple via sperm donation, who was born in 2017.

The same year his daughter Bonnie was born to a single mum named Amy, who Dave had also donated sperm to.

Dave, who is the youngest of 11 children, told Woman’s Day at the time: “it’s in my blood to breed” and admitted he had considered becoming a sperm donor for 20 years.

Big Brother Dave now
The doting dad with one of his three daughters. (Credit: Instagram)

The doting dad opened up about his unique family to The Daily Telegraph last year and revealed he was still single.

“We have this amazing family where I’m an integral part of their lives and it negates the need for chasing a husband,” he explained.

“But you never know, I’m still one of those blokes who’s looking and hoping and waiting (for the one).”

Big Brother david graham now
Dave is looking more ruggedly handsome than ever, 14 years on from his reality TV stint. (Credit: Instagram)

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