Andy Lee reveals why he hasn’t proposed to girlfriend Rebecca Harding

“I don’t feel any pressure at all”.

For as long as they’ve been dating, fans have been wondering when radio star Andy Lee would propose to his lingerie model girlfriend Rebecca Harding.

And according to Andy from Hamish and Andy, there is one thing standing in the way of his proposal; a secret Rebecca has been keeping from him.

On KIIS 101.1’s Jase & PJ this morning, the True Story host revealed that he is waiting on Rebecca to reveal her high school results to him.

“Well I’ve got a funny thing with Bec. Bec has never told me her enter score, what she got when she finished year 12,” the 37-year-old explained. 

“So I said to her, if you want to be proposed to, we can’t have any secrets. So the day you tell me your enter score, is the day I’ll know you’re ready.”

Andy says he gave Rebecca that proposition two years ago and despite how serious he is about the deal, she just “laughs it off”.

He said, “I will not do anything like that until I know the score.”

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