Abbie Chatfield reveals her ongoing fond feelings for Matt Agnew

"Tell me why my heart is racing."
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Former Bachelor runner-up Abbie Chatfield has shared her live response to a re-watch of her 2019 finale, and revealed she still feels fondly for Matt Agnew, despite not being chosen by him at the end.

WATCH BELOW: Abbie Chatfield watches her Bachelor finale

The 26-year-old influencer shared a number of videos to her Instagram stories last night, beginning with one captioned ‘…dare I?’ as she clicked play.

“Tell me why my heart is racing,” she said while she watched the part where she met bachelor Matt Agnew’s friends.

While Matt’s friends seemed confused that Abbie was there, Matt was shown saying kind things about Abbie and defending her to his friends.

“Too bad it didn’t work out.” (Credit: Instagram)

“He’s so beautiful, isn’t he?” Abbie says to the camera.

“Honestly, I will not stand for an iota of Matt slander, he is the nicest man I’ve ever met,” she revealed.

“He was so beautiful to me. No matter what anyone says, he was so hot, and smart, and funny. You know, we love Matt.

“Just, you know, too bad it didn’t work out,” Abbie said reflectively.

“We can’t force people to love us, you know. I wish we could,” she laughed.

“Hope he’s doing well.” (Credit: Instagram)

She laughed while admitting that the age she was while on the show, 23, was actually quite young in hindsight.

“See, he still defended me,” she said of Matt.

“He’s so beautiful … love him, hope he’s doing well,” she added kindly.

Abbie also revealed what went on behind the scenes when she met Matt’s friends. (Credit: Instagram)

Abbie also took the opportunity to reveal some emotional moments that went on behind the scenes.

After having an on-screen chat with Matt’s friend, Kate, she revealed she had cried for an hour in the car on the way back to the accommodation in South Africa, where the finale was shot.

“We had to pull over when we saw random animals so I had to stop crying, I was like a baby, because of how hideous this was,” she admitted.

Abbie continued to watch the part where she tells Matt’s friends she loved him.

“I still care about him a lot.” (Credit: Instagram)

“That was legitimate, I loved him, I still care about him a lot,” she said.

“Who’s the only one defending him online? Do I see every other contestant writing s**t about him online? Yeah, I do.

“Who’s the one defending him constantly and saying how lovely he is?” she asked rhetorically.

Although Abbie was the runner-up on Matt’s season, she went on to win I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here! in 2020.

She also works as an influencer and hosts It’s A Lot, her podcast.

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