Beauty and the Geek’s Lachlan has a new radio gig

With Kyle and Jackie O no less!
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Back when he was on Beauty and the Geek, Lachlan Mansell was top of the class in the radio challenge. Now, hot off his reality TV win he has a brand new gig as a producer on Kyle and Jackie O’s KIIS FM show!

WATCH BELOW: Lachlan and Kiera win Beauty and the Geek

The 32-year-old motorsports enthusiast is filling in for producer and on-air personality ‘Intern Pete’ Deppeler while he’s on long-service leave.

Ever the professional, Lachy was at the KIIS FM studios in the early hours of the morning, in fact he was there earlier than necessary.

“I heard you were here at 4.30 just sitting in the car waiting for someone to arrive,” Kyle Sandilands mused on air.

“4.45!” Lachy retorted. “I’m enthusiastic, I want to make sure that I’m well-prepared.”

Lachy is filling in as a producer at KIIS FM. (Credit: Instagram/KIIS)

Lachy has quickly made himself at home and brought numerous racing lanyards and a photo of himself at his university graduation to the studios.

“I wanted to add some character to my workspace,” he admitted.

The Beauty and the Geek winner also taught the radio power couple the meanings behind some iconic Shakespeare lines and even asked Jackie if she’d go on a date with him.

“One of the things that I’ve learned from the experience that I just went through is that the guy has to be able to show the confidence, to take the first step.”

The BATG winner made himself at home at his new desk! (Credit: Instagram/KIIS)

Along with his beauty Kiera Johnstone, Lachy not only won a $100,000 prize but also learned some valuable lessons about himself.

“My mental health and my headspace coming out of the show was so far above what it was beforehand,” he told WHO shortly after the finale.

WATCH BELOW: Beauty and the Geek’s Lachlan and Kiera. Post continues after video…

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“I have had girls treat me badly in the past, girls that I have been interested in, so to go through this experience and learn what it’s like to be loved and appreciated by such a beautiful girl like Kiera, that has restored my faith that out there is nice girls out there who will be interested in me for who I am and will treat me properly.

“And to see what it’s like to be loved and appreciated it means now that my standards have raised as well.”

Lachy and Kiera were crowned the Beauty and the Geek winners this year. (Credit: Nine)

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