Bec Judd’s shock relationship ultimatum from Chris

Bec Judd has revealed the ultimatum husband Chris gave her early into their relationship.
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Bec and Chris Judd are one of Australia’s most rock solid couples, but early on in their relationship, the AFL player dropped his wife-to-be a big ultimatum.

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Chris, 36, and Bec, 37, met in Bec’s hometown of Perth in 2002, but early on in their relationship, former AFL star Chris had a deal breaker.  

“I met him when he was drafted to the West Coast Eagles and then he moved to Carlton in Melbourne,” Bec said on the We Are The Real Ones podcast.

“When we first started going out, he said, ‘Just letting you know I’m a Melbourne boy and I will be moving back very, very soon so if you’re down with that we can be together. Otherwise, if you think you’re going to live in Perth for the rest of your life, then nup.'”

“I was like, ‘Yep, okay, I really love you, I love Melbourne, that’s cool!'”

By the time the couple had settled down in Melbourne, Bec was 25 years old.

Bec and Chris Judd
Bec and Chris started dating in their late teens. (Credit: Instagram)

AFL WAG Bec also revealed this week that her relationship with Chris almost ended before it even began.

Speaking on her radio show The 3pm Pick-Up, Bec recalled an occasion when the couple were newly dating at around age 19, and Chris opted to take his ex-girlfriend to a fancy event over her.

“He had this event to go to and I wasn’t really expecting to be invited to that event because we’d only just got together. But I wasn’t expecting him to invite his ex-girlfriend instead of me!” she said.

“It totally set us back I reckon another five or six months. So him and I were on-and-off for 18 months because none of us could actually tell each other what we were really thinking, even though we were mad for each other,” she added.

Bec and Chris Judd
The couple have been married since 2010. (Credit: Instagram)

Bec and Chris went on to marry in 2010 and have since welcomed four children – Oscar, nine, Billie, six, and twin boys Tom and Darcy, four.

The influencer joked to radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O that things can get hectic in their house – and especially when it comes to the weekly shop.

“I have 18 litres of milk a week, I have seven loaves of bread, eight packs of meat. Like this is what I need in a week!” she confessed on air.

“I know so people are looking at me like I’m a stock piler. I’m not! That is just a basic week in the Judd house.”


Bec Judd fanily
Feeding a family of six must be a tough gig at times! (Credit: Instagram)

The mum-of-four recently shared a sweet photo of her kids dressed as their favourite icons for school – and one even opted to dress as their sporting hero dad!

“Friday Fandom Day at school- sending off the Great White Shark from Jaws, Chris Judd, Aaron Finch and Billie Ballerina,” she captioned the post.

Bec and Chris Judd kids
Cute! (Credit: Instagram)

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