Look out, Lord Anthony! Simone Ashley to shake things up in Bridgerton Season 2

A love-match made in heaven? Absolutely not.
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Dearest Readers, it is with great pleasure that we celebrate the return of Bridgerton for a second season of “love matches” and oddly fascinating newsletters.

As the hit Shonda Rhimes show returns to Netflix, viewers will have the pleasure of making new acquaintance with Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley).

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Similar to the novels by Julia Quinn, each season of Bridgerton will focus on a different member of the family in the “lead” role – while continuing to tell the stories of your other favourite characters on the side.

Based on the novel The Viscount Who Loved Me, the second season will place Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) front and centre. Yes, it’s time for KANTHONY fans to rise and shine.

After ending his relationship with Opera Singer Siena – and declaring intentions to find “my new viscountess” – Anthony will set his sights on someone new: Kate.

Jonathan Bayleaf, Simone Ashley and Nicola Coughlan
Bridgerton stars Jonathan Bailey, Simone Ashley and Nicola Coughlan. (Credit: Getty Images)

Played by the talented Simone, fans will recognise “Kate” from Netflix’s Sex Education, where the actress has played the role of Olivia Hanan for three seasons.

She’s also had roles in British dramas like Broadchurch, Doctors and The Sister, though her upcoming role in Bridgerton is sure to be her biggest yet.

“With Bridgerton, it’s much more intense than Sex Education in the sense that if I’m not filming, I’m horse riding, training or in rehearsals. I’m in accent training or I’m in a fitting. It took some getting used to,” the 26-year-old actress recently told Wonderland Magazine of the role. 

Simone Ashley with Asa Butterfield in Sex Education.
Simone Ashley with Asa Butterfield in Sex Education. (Credit: Netflix)

So, who is this new leading lady and what is it about her that will make Anthony – and viewers – fall in love?

Part of a new family in the ton, Kate will catch Anthony’s eye early in the season. Though, he won’t make quite the same positive impression on her.

In a first-look teaser for the new episodes, Kate is seen scolding Anthony outside of a ball after hearing the Viscount rattle off a list of requirements for his dream woman. Big mistake, Anthony. HUGE.

“I take issue with any man who views women merely as chattels and breeding stock,” she tells him in a fiery confrontation.

“When you manage to find this paragon of virtue, whatever makes you think she will accept your suit? Are the young ladies of London truly so easily won by a pleasing smile and absolutely nothing more.”

“So you find my smile pleasing,” Anthony asks, to which Kate rebuffs: “I find your opinion of yourself entirely too high.” 

Yes, girl! It’s all very Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy fighting in Pride and Prejudice, meaning we are officially hooked. Keen for a little more insight? Scroll through for a few spoilers for what we can expect, based on the novel.

WATCH: Anthony and Kate’s first meeting on Bridgerton

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Fans of the books will know that Anthony initially sets his sights on Kate’s younger sister Edwina (to be played by Charithra Chandran in the series). 

After his first encounter with the Sharma sisters, the dashing rogue decides he’s keen to marry Edwina. Which seems ideal, considering Edwina herself is also searching for a love match.

But when Kate decides Anthony is definitely not good enough to marry her beloved sister – see above for reasons A through to Z of how she came to that conclusion – he must jump through hoop after hoop to try and win the Sharma family over. 

As an irritated Anthony works to overthrow Edwina’s meddlesome sister Kate, he begins to find himself feeling something else entirely for her.

Keen to know more? See what to expect in Season 2 based on the book here.

Simone Ashley
Simone Ashley’s Kate is sure to make waves on Bridgerton. (Credit: Instagram)

Bridgerton Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on March 25, 2022.

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