We finally have a premiere date for Bridgerton Season 2

We’re returning to the ton!
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Netflix’s steamy period drama, Bridgerton, was long ago confirmed for a second season.

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However, COVID-19 makes nothing simple, and we’ve been waiting literally since last Christmas for more of Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke – but the good news is, we won’t be waiting long.

A video of the cast reading out the date of March 25 was released over the weekend, so gird your loins for what is certain to be another sexy season.

Simone Ashley will join the cast as Kate Sharma. (Credit: Netflix)

Although, we fell head-over-heels for Simon, the Duke from season one, who was portrayed by Rege-Jean Page, fans were saddened to hear he would be leaving the series after season one.

This is because we’re shifting focus – just as each of the original Bridgerton books focus on an individual sibling, Daphne has had her day, and we’re circling back to the eldest.

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Lord Anthony, portrayed by Jonathan Bailey, will take centre stage this season as he searches for a wife to sit alongside him as he acts as leader of the Bridgerton family and estate.

The Bridgerton family. (Credit: Netflix)

At the end of last season, we saw Anthony get his poor heart broken by opera singer Siena Rosso, who – although in love with Anthony – claimed she did not want to change in order to be able to join him in high society.

This left Anthony increasingly sceptical of love, and ready to just find a ‘suitable wife’. However, Simone Ashley is joining the cast this season as Kate Sharma, and if the first few trailers are anything to go by, her sass and wit will have him falling head over heels in no time.

You can sample their Mr-Darcy-Elizabeth-Bennett style banter below.

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As for the remainder of the season, we know that Daphne will be returning, with actress Phoebe Dynevor having signed on to continue in season two.

The very last scene in the first season saw her give birth to her first son, Adam, so we’re sure there’ll be some cute baby scenes to see, too.

We also saw that big reveal, with – spoiler alert – Penelope Featherington revealed to be the awful gossip who had been ruining lives – and creating fabulous drama – across the 10 episodes.

Bring on March 25!

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