Brittany Hockley shares new details about boyfriend Jordan Thompson

Including why she initially rejected him four times!
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This year got off to a great start for Brittany Hockley when she revealed that she was dating tennis player Jordan Thompson, but now the Bachelor alum has shared some sweet new details about her relationship – and it sounds like something out of a 21st century rom-com.

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Speaking on her and Laura Byrne’s dating and relationship podcast Life Uncut after a five week break, Brittany dished the details about how she and Jordan, 26, first met and like so many couples will tell you – it happened when she least expected it.

The former Bachelor star, 33, admitted that at the beginning of 2020, she did not want to go through another holiday season and another Christmas single.

“I just wanted to finish this year and hope that I met someone and in the last episode of last year I remember saying ‘Well that’s it, another year over and I didn’t meet anyone.’ And then I think it was literally the next day – it was almost like I told the universe… the next day I met Jordan,” she said.

Brittany initially rejected Jordan because he was seven years younger than her. (Credit: Instagram)

Brittany and her new man met on dating app Raya – an exclusive celebrity dating app where users have to be approved to swipe. What’s more, it’s not geo-located, so participants can match with anyone around the world.

But when she first laid eyes on her now-boyfriend, she rejected him four times at first.

“I saw Jordan on this dating app about three or four times …and I always said no, I always swiped left. His dating profile looked great – it was fine. He was interesting, he was athletic but he was younger than me and significantly younger than me.”

Despite initial reservations about their seven-year age gap, Brittany decided it wasn’t a good enough reason to disregard Jordan when every other box was ticked and from the moment they matched, everything was “easy”.

The couple went public with their romance in February. (Credit: Instagram)

Shortly after she and Jordan went public, Britt shared an inspiring message to her single fans who remarked that her new relationship marked the end of an era of single girl stories.

“I get messages all the time from people that are single and feel alone and ‘wonder what’s wrong with them?” the former Bachelor star wrote in a lengthy Instagram message.

“I may have found a great guy and am in a happy relationship but I want you to remember that it is ok to be on your own! There is NOTHING wrong with being single and there is NOTHING wrong with you!!”

Britt went on to say: “I realise society also puts a lot of pressure on us to find a partner. And there is a level of ‘failure’ attached to being single. (Spoiler calling bulls***)

“We are led to believe success is a partner, a degree, a 9-5 job, kids, a picket fence, all before 30!! But I assure you, and I am a prime example, that it most certainly is not.

“There is not enough emphasis on being your own cheerleader and taking the time to wait for what is right for you. Don’t feel pressure to settle for something you know isn’t right just because you’re afraid to be alone and because you feel like a failure. It’s NOT FAILING IT’S CALLED LIVING AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL.”

Brittany previously dated Timm Hanly on Bachelor in Paradise. (Credit: Ten)

Before dating Jordan, Britt was most well known for being linked to Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins on The Bachelor who infamously dumped her and Sophie Tieman in the shock 2018 finale.

The brunette beauty also briefly dated Timm Hanly on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise and though they left the show together, things went downhill soon afterwards.

“It was a bit unfortunate, he was just a different person to when he was on the show. When he was on the show he really wanted a relationship was was so lovely and kind. But when we left I only saw him once for a couple of days and he just didn’t want a relationship. I think he just wanted to be free and he was unprepared to be thrown into the spotlight like he was,” she explained to Now To Love in August last year.

“So yeah, basically he ghosted me for the last eight months [since filming wrapped]. He treated me poorly when I think abut it, but I hold no grudges.

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