Carrie Bickmore and Chris Walker’s love story in pictures

These two prove that second chances at great love exist.
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Carrie Bickmore and Chris Walker have been together for just under a decade now, and seem to share a relationship based on mutual understanding, support, and a whole lot of love – both for each other and their three children.

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However, both of their stories are touched with grief and loss.

TV presenter Carrie lost her first husband, Greg Lange, to brain cancer in 2010.

He was diagnosed nine years earlier, in 2001, after the young couple had just moved to Melbourne together.

Carrie was only 21 at the time, and Greg was 25 – tragically young to receive such a brutal diagnosis.

Carrie in 2010. (Credit: Getty)

Despite his ongoing battle with illness, the pair decided to marry in 2005, when Carrie was 25.

“I look back at our wedding and it was a real mix of love and just a celebration of life,” Carrie said in 2018 on an episode of Anh’s Brush With Fame.

The pair also had a son together, Oliver, who was born in 2007.

“It’s probably the greatest thing we ever did together,” she shared on the same episode.

“He’s so much like him in so many ways,” she said of Oliver, who takes after Greg.

Carrie’s son with Greg, Oliver, is now a teenager. (Credit: Getty/Instagram)

After losing Greg in 2010, Carrie was left heartbroken. However, this was far from the end of her love story.

Carrie met Chris Walker on the set of The Project, where Carrie was, and still is, a presenter. Chris worked as a producer, and the pair seemed to fall in love while working together, beginning their relationship around 2012.

The couple have remained solid since, almost a decade later.

Carrie Bickmore and Chris Walker often head to events together. (Credit: Getty)

Chris seems to be super supportive of Carrie’s tragic loss and its impact on her life.

“He like many people understands loss and suffered his own loss in life and I think he just has a huge amount of compassion and he will always be incredibly supportive of me and for our family,” Carrie told TV WEEK.

Their partnership has seen him become a loving step-father to Oliver, and a father to two girls, Evie and Adelaide, with Carrie.

Evie was born in March 2015 and second daughter, Addie, was born in December 2018.

Chris and Carrie share three kids together. (Credit: Instagram)
Evie and Addie were born in 2015 and 2018, respectively. (Credit: Instagram)

Carrie has hinted that Chris would probably love the family to grow!

“He’d have six kids if he had his way! He loves kids and loves watching them play together,” she said in an interview with WHO.

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The loved-up couple live out a very busy schedule, especially with Carrie doing both The Project and her radio show, Carrie and Tommy, which runs daily from 3pm-6pm in Melbourne.

“Carrie works so much as well (on The Project). Particularly at the start of the week I find myself missing her and the kids quite a lot,” Chris told The Herald Sun.

Chris keeps busy himself, working as a producer on The Weekly, an ABC program.

Carrie posted this picture to Instagram congratulating Chris on his work on The Weekly. (Credit: Instagram)

“Congrats babe on an incredible season of The Weekly 👏The best yet I reckon!!! But more importantly congrats to you and the team on getting the show up in these tricky times, I know from overhearing your endless zooms in the lounge room that it’s been incredibly challenging (but rewarding) for you all! Now breathe……..❤️,” she wrote in an Instagram tribute to Chris and his hard work.

The pair of hustlers seem to be mostly focused on their media work for the moment, and of course raising their three beautiful children.

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