Who is Abbie Chatfield’s New Boyfriend?

"We're so in love."
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After weeks of speculation, Abbie Chatfield has confirmed that she is in a relationship with Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde.

Sharing the news to Abbie’s It’s a Lot podcast, the former Bachelor star revealed, “We’re so in love and we love talking about it.”

Reflecting on their early relationship, Abbie revealed that the couple first crossed paths in 2022 after interviewing Adam on her radio show.

“We’d see each other and we’d make out and we’d not talk afterwards,” she shared, with Adam continuing that their relationship, “never lined up because it was never opened up to that.”

Abbie Chatfield and Adam Hyde on a dinner date.
Abbie and Adam confirmed their romance in June 2024. (Credit: Instagram)

Adam also shared that the pair’s early relationship “was like something out of a fairytale,” later telling Abbie, “I’m so in love with you. As far as this relationship goes, I’m willing to go all the way. I don’t have any reservations.”

Confirmation of Abbie’s new romance comes three months after she first made mention of her “new crush” on a March 2024 episode of her It’s a Lot podcast.

“He makes everything sparkly. He’s so funny… I just love being around him and he makes me so happy,” she shared, adding “I cry every day because of how happy I am. He’s just been the kindest, most supportive person.”

In the following months, Abbie further shared a brief insight into her early romance with Adam, saying, “The person I’m dating now, as we know, I knew them for a while and I had a big fat crush on them for a very long time.”

Abbie Chatfield kissing Adam Hyde on the cheek.
“He makes everything sparkly.” (Credit: Instagram)

Although Abbie did not directly name Adam as her new partner until June 2024, fans were quick to connect the pair after they were spotted together at the Australian Grand Prix.

“I saw the chemistry lol – if it’s who I think it is recently Abbie 10/10,” commented one fan.

“Adam is one of the greatest humans of all time. Good for you guys,” added another.

Abbie Chatfield dancing alongside Adam Hyde.
Abbie shared a video dancing alongside Adam at the Australian Grand Prix on Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

In May 2024, Abbie shared on Instagram that the pair were holidaying together in Mexico, sharing a subtle first glimpse of her new beau while at the beach. 

“Wow not me looking at all the guys you follows foot pics to see if I can work out who it is,” MasterChef star Khanh Ong replied to the post, with many fans also taking to the comments to express their curiosity. 

The following day, Abbie made headlines after she shared a snap leaning against her partner’s stomach alongside the tongue-in-cheek caption “semi soft launch.”

While fans continued to re-share the hilarious snap on social media, Abbie later clarified that her double entendre was unintentional.

“[Media coverage] is making us both piss ourselves because we really didn’t mean for it to be penis centric. We just took a photo because we were taking a video together. We’re doing a daily vlog, not really, It’s a personal joke.” 

Abbie shared the couple’s “semi soft launch” to Instagram in May 2024. (Credit: Instagram)

Following her initial post, fans also spotted Abbie responding to posts on Adam’s solo music project Keli Holiday’s Instagram page, replying to a recent promo snap of Adam with the comment, “This is so hot lmao … and by that I mean the music x.” 

Supporting the launch of his new EP Jesterman, Abbie also shared a video to Instagram lip-syncing along to his song doyoulikeitornot?, with Abbie joking in the caption, “heard this random song from this random new EP and felt inspired to create a little something in Mexico 💕 does anyone know the artist??????? someone help!”

Who was Abbie Chatfield dating? 

Prior to her new romance with Adam Hyde, Abbie shared in January 2024 that she had recently experienced a breakup, however, her partner’s identity had not been made public during their relationship.

“Hot tip to anyone in life in general – don’t date anyone where you can look up interviews of them on YouTube,” Abbie shared on her It’s a Lot podcast, adding, “I haven’t cried about a breakup or missing someone this much in a very long time.”

Abbie announced her split from The Bachelorette star in September 2022. (Credit: Instagram)

Before commenting on her most recent relationship, Abbie was previously in an open relationship with former Bachelorette star Konrad Bien-Stephen.

The former couple first went public with their relationship in November 2021 and shared further details of their relationship dynamic on Abbie’s podcast. 

“Mummy and daddy aren’t breaking up. We’re just having a different structure to our relationship. So we’re open. We’re in an open relationship, which we love,” Abbie shared. 

In September 2022, Abbie confirmed that the couple had parted ways, sharing that she would be keeping any further relationship details out of the spotlight.

“I probably won’t ever share my relationship publicly again to be honest because of this whole situation and the way the media have f***ing reported on it… Like my relationship is a game… it’s quite f***ed,” she added.

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