Cyrell Paule opens up about painful split from Eden Dally weeks before giving birth

"I may not have a partner but my son is all I need," she said.
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Married At First Sight star Cyrell Paule and her Love Island beau Eden Dally have called time on their relationship ahead of the birth of their first child together.

“Cyclone Cyrell” took to Instagram on Friday to share a lonely picture of her and her bump and to confirm the break-up in a heartbreaking Instagram story.

WATCH: Cyrell and Eden look tense at their baby gender reveal

“Even if it’s just you and me. We’ll create our own happiness. #mylittleprince #myoneandonly,” she wrote on a picture of her showing of her bump in nothing but black underwear.

Eden Dally and Cyrell Paule have split!
Eden Dally and Cyrell Paule have split!
Cyrell confirmed the split on her Insta story
Cyrell confirmed the split on her Insta story

She also took to her Instagram story to write: “You would think people would be happy to hear about my break-up. Are you all not happy? Was this not what you all rooted and prayed for? Or maybe your prayers of me having a miscarriage is what ur hoping for next?

“We live in a sad, bad world where [we] wish and pray for misery on others to feel better about ourselves.

“I hope this shows a reflection of the weak, sad individual you are. I may not have a partner but my son is all I need.”

Cyrell has also deleted all images of her and Eden from her account and they have unfollowed each other on social media.

WHO recently caught up with the soon-to-be parents about whether marriage was on the cards and their answer was very surprising. 

Eden told us, “If we break up down the track… Not that we are, but you know [with a divorce] you get to get all the paperwork.”

Cyrell chimed in, “We just genuinely believe marriage is a piece of paper. We love each other and obviously that’s enough for us.”

Earlier this month, some fans believed they had split during their gender reveal party (which you can watch above).

An onlooker captured the special moment they found out they were expecting a boy, and instead of showing excitement and love for each other, Cyrell and Eden appear to be putting on a show.

In fact, the soon-to-be parents don’t even hug after finding out the gender of their baby.

A source told New Idea that Eden and Cyrell were fighting all day on the day of the gender reveal, and they weren’t speaking at the party.

Ex Love Island star Eden was in a foul mood, claims the source, and kicked everyone out of his house half way through Sunday’s NRL grand final game.

Even Cyrell left the party and ended up at the casino alone, while Eden stayed home because he was going off in a rage.

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