Laura Byrne’s exciting pregnancy update

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Bachelor royalty Laura Byrne and Matty J are so close to welcoming baby number two.

And as they countdown to welcome their new bundle, they’re making sure their devoted fans are coming along with them for every step of their pregnancy journey. 

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Heading to Instagram on Monday, Laura shared a glowing new snap of herself and her good friend Kiah Jade enjoying some time together at the beach.

“One toddler in daycare and one mama on maternity leave… WHAT IS THIS FREEDOM!!!!!!” the former Bachelor star, who also shares a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter called Marlie-Mae with her fiancé, penned alongside a stunning snap which showcased her beautiful baby bump.

Laura Byrne
She’s ready to pop! (Credit: Instagram)

And Laura’s fans were very quick to notice one, not-so-small, detail about her latest pic.

“Dropped so low, not long now!!” one fan wrote.

“Gorgeous! Belly looks like it’s dropped!!!” penned another.

“Your belly is low! How exciting,” one more chimed in. 

When birth is imminent, the baby’s head will drop and engage towards the birth canal indicating that labour is imminent. The couple announced their pregnancy in mid-September at the half-way mark, meaning we should expect to meet their second Bachie baby around early February. 

And this bump update is just the latest of Laura and Matty J’s hilarious and oh so relatable parenting updates.

Matty J Laura TikTok
They love to laugh, these two. (Credit: TikTok)

Taking to his TikTok account earlier in the month, former Bachelor Matty J posted a hilarious video, featuring his fiancée of course, joking about the struggles of parenthood.

Captioned, “When they finally finish breastfeeding,” the sketch started off with Matty asking Laura, “you didn’t want to get a drink did you?

To which Laura replied, “Well, I have finished breastfeeding.”

“Are we getting a bottle?” Matty asked.

“I think we’re getting a bottle of wine,” Laura replied.

After that, Laura promptly downed her glass of red wine, before Matty replied “alright, baby!”

“Tastes like freedom,” Laura exclaimed.

After Laura kept drinking in the sketch, she started to sing karaoke into the wine bottle, causing Matty to look around panicked, stating, “you’re a mother now”.

The hilarious parents announced they were expecting their second child back in September last year. 

Laura Byrne pregnant baby number two
Marlie-Mae is getting a sibling! (Credit: Instagram)

Taking to Instagram, the proud parents shared a series of snaps of Laura’s burgeoning bump, along with the news she is halfway through her second pregnancy. 

“Marlie-Mae learning shocked face couldn’t have been timed any better.. WE’RE HAVING A BABY!” Matty J captioned one sweet snap, which shows his firstborn overcome with joy. 

One thing’s for sure, both their bubs are bound to be laughing a lot with these two as parents.

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