“I felt guilty”: Laura Henshaw’s candid confession after tragic loss

"I found myself not being able to stop crying."
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Laura Henshaw, 30, has taken to Instagram to share a candid life update with her friends and followers.

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Posting a teary video, the entrepreneur confessed the past week had been “really hard”.

“I had some really important pitches/interviews and we had 4 new people join our team (which were all really special things) and then at the same time I found myself not being able to stop crying in all the time in between everything,” she wrote.

“I wanted to share because I wasn’t ready to speak about it this week until now, and I know what you have seen on here was all happy stuff.”

Laura has shared a candid life update. (Credit: Instagram)

Laura accompanied the video with another caption which went into more detail about what she’s been going through.

“Life is not black and white,” she began. “It is up and down, and back again and again. We very sadly said goodbye to our family dog Middy this week, my little Sister’s best friend of almost 14 years.

“I felt guilty in the moments I took my mind off the fact it was her last week, and I was thinking about work or I found joy in small moments. I felt guilty for not being strong during the days at work when I needed to show up to things and I had to fight the tears.

“I felt guilty for not feeling as excited about things that happened and in parallel felt guilty I exercised the thought. We are so much stronger than we know, and at the same time sometimes we are not.”

“We very sadly said goodbye to our family dog Middy this week.” (Credit: Instagram)

The Keep It Cleaner co-founder added that “life is complicated” before thanking her followers for their “beautiful messages”.

“I am all ok and I am not starting this because I am not ok – I wanted to share in case anyone needed a reminder that sometimes we can’t be strong all the time, and that is ok ❤️. It is what makes us human ❤️.”

Laura was inundated with messages of support from her friends and followers.

Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac sent his love, writing: “I’m so sorry to hear this Laura. Try your best to think of the happy times & be grateful she found you guys & was loved.”

Meanwhile, mum-to-be MAFS’ Martha Kalifatidis commented a dove emoji with a white heart.

(Credit: Instagram)

The 30-year-old’s candid confession comes just over a week after she implored her followers not to give in to the “toxic diet culture” that so often accompanies the start of a new year.

“The toxic diet industry will tell you that the only way to ‘improve’ is to lose weight, but it is so far from the truth. My ‘after’ photo (and my lightest weight) from about 10 years ago was the unhealthiest I had ever been and worse I had ever felt mentally and about myself,” she wrote.

“It’s not about how you look or how your body looks, it’s about how you feel.

“Our weight does not define our worth. We are SO much more.”

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