Martha Kalifatidis’ BOLD move divides fans

She's polarised the public.
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Martha Kalifatidis is currently hitting our screens on the all new Celebrity Apprentice Australia and, let’s just say, her actions on the show are dividing viewers.

WATCH: Martha Kalifatidis on the set of Celebrity Apprentice

We are three episodes in to Celebrity Apprentice and Martha, 32, is already not holding back. 

From battling it out in the board room multiple times, to bearing a great resemblance to Gordon Ramsay in Tuesday night’s Yum Cha cooking challenge, Martha has been unashamedly headstrong in her quest to win for her charity. 

But, it’s safe to say, her approach has had a very mixed reaction with viewers – not to mention her fellow celebrities. 

martha kalifatidis celebrity apprentice
Martha’s actions on Celeb Apprentice have been dividing viewers. (Credit: Instagram)

During last night’s episode, Twitter lit up with commentary from people who were either on board with Martha’s brazen approach, or not too happy with the way the reality star has been going about things. 

“Any self-respecting human with a real job would see #Martha tonight and realise what a spoilt brat she is,” one irate Twitter user wrote.

“No wonder Martha is her own boss no one else would want to work with her,” another added. 

“Martha will continue to gaslight until the day she dies,” a third penned.

However, there were plenty of people who were in the reality star’s corner, commending the 32-year-old for her leadership abilities.

Martha Kalifatidis Celebrity Apprentice
Gordon Ramsay, is that you? (Credit: Channel Nine)

One fan wrote: “Martha literally was commanding their whole team, giving solutions, telling people what to do and TOLD olivia to f***ing steam and Olivia mad cause she didnt listen.”

“They really do need to listen to Martha K she’s a boss and a badass. She does make more than most of them. Don’t underestimate this queen,” another added.

“Martha sure knows how to fight for herself. She takes no prisoners,” a third penned. 

The polarising reality star has also divided the opinions of her fellow celebrities . 

In an interview with WHO, Martha confessed that some of the current Celebrity Apprentice stars outright told her they were cynical of “reality TV” people joining the competition. 

“When I walked in a lot of people rolled their eyes,” Martha told us. “They said to me after filming, ‘I literally said to production if there are any MAFS or reality TV people on this show I don’t want to be involved.’ Lo and behold, I walk in and I had to work really hard to break that perception down.”

Martha Kalifatidis Celebrity Apprentice
Martha confessed that some of her fellow celebrities “rolled their eyes” when she joined Celeb Apprentice. (Credit: Channel Nine)

“People see me on Instagram and they think they know what I do and they have these opinions about me and it’s really hard to get someone to change their mind once they’ve formed an opinion of you. I had to work really hard to change that – I’m not complaining about it, it’s always like that for me and I’m happy to do that.”

For Martha, her determination in each challenge is for a good cause. 

“I went in with the attitude that I’ve been given an incredible opportunity to raise a tonne of money for an incredible charity.” Martha told us. “I’m not in a position in my life right now to be able to dump all this money into charity so I went into this determined to fight tooth and nail to win this, to be able to help so many people. I took this super seriously and I didn’t go into it to make friends. I had to do what I had to do.” 

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