What in the world is going on with Phoebe Bridgers, Bo Burnham and Paul Mescal?

This was not on our 2023 Bingo card.
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Do you have emotional, motion sickness? Well, same. Certified sad-girl Phoebe Bridgers is apparently dating Bo Burnham after reportedly being spotted on a few dates with the comedian-turned-musician.

We say we’re happy if she’s happy, but we can’t help but think: is love dead?

WATCH: Normal People’s star Paul Mescal plays the piano

Can the relationship that proved shooting your shot can actually lead to something really be over?

It feels like only months ago we were basking in the rumours that Phoebe and our collective internet boyfriend Paul Mescal were engaged, but it looks like this one true pairing are well and truly over.

Emotional, motion sickness? More like emotional whiplash – because we need answers and we need answer now.

From a shady lyric hinting at a breakup to an airport sighting which reportedly confirmed a romance, below is Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham’s complete relationship timeline (so far).

Are Phoebe and Paul really over?? Say it ain’t so. (Credit: Getty)


November 2022

In late 2022, Gossip Girl-esque Instagram page DeuxMoi—also known as the mecca for unsolicited, anonymous celebrity updates—posted that the modern-day fairy tale romance between Phoebe and Paul had possibly come to an end.

According to an anonymous source, Phoebe and Bo were spotted “cuddling up” at Magic Castle, a hotel based in Los Angeles. Of course, the musing of an anonymous gossip site should always be taken with a grain of salt, especially given the fact that neither Phoebe or Paul had commented on the rumours.

However, this report was only the tip of the iceberg of what was to unravel.

After this post, breakup rumours began circulating with claims being made that Paul broke up with Phoebe after finding out she cheated on him with Bo. We’re honestly devastated for Connell and his chain, regardless of whether this claim is true or not

Um, what cinematic universe is this?? (Credit: Instagram)

December 9, 2022

Do you have your seatbelt buckled? Because these reports are about to move really fast.

On December 9, Phoebe Bridgers hopped on SZA’s chart-topping and critically acclaimed album, SOS, to drop a spicy verse hinting at a big old tiff between her and Paul.

Featuring on the mellow track Ghost In The Machine, Phoebe sings about a fight had with an ex.

The lyrics read: “You said all my friends are on my payroll / You’re not wrong, you’re an a–hole / Screaming at you in the Ludlow / I was yours for free.”

Given that Phoebe isn’t one to shy away from subversive hard-hitting lyricism—we only need draw your attention to her verse on The 1975’s Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America for proof—it’s clear that these lyrics are representative of a real-life event.

What’s more, Phoebe revealed to NME that the turnaround time for the feature was fast, meaning that she could very well be referencing her fresh breakup with Paul on the single.

Once again, we are asking for answers.

Phoebe and Bo were not on our 2023 Bingo card. (Credit: Getty)

December 13, 2022

Forget Kim Kardashian on the cover of PAPER Magazine, December 13 was the day the internet truly came to a holt after The 1975’s Matty Healy posted a photo of him kissing Phoebe, while Bo watched on.

Naturally, the internet (and particularly bisexual Twitter) was in a state of shock.

Given that Matty has never been one to shy away from pot-stirring behaviour, this photo could just be another instance of the musician meddling in the discourse. However, for many fans it cemented that Paul and Phoebe were officially over.

“It’s not an open relationship in the slightest. Paul found out about Phoebe and Bo and called off the engagement,” said one anonymous source on DeuxMoi, so perhaps this was a deliberate ploy to get back at Paul for allegedly not wanting to open up their relationship.

“It’s not an open relationship in the slightest. Paul found out about Phoebe and Bo and called off the engagement,” said one anonymous source on DeuxMoi. (Credit: Getty)

December 20, 2022

A few days before Christmas, Bo and Phoebe were spotted attending the comedy show KATE together in New York, with one Jezabel writer claiming their interactions “felt flirtatious”. This also comes after a string of anonymous reports that Phoebe and Bo were “making out,” “canoodling,” and “cuddling”, so we don’t know what to believe anymore.

January 14, 2023

In further heart-breaking news, Phoebe and Bo were spotted together at LAX, with Bo even pictured placing his hands on Phoebe’s back at one point in time.

Of course, with this instance being Phoebe and Bo’s first ‘official’ sighting, (i.e one with substantial proof), we can’t help but think we’ve reached an end of an era for Paul and Phoebe. And with Twitter branding Bo and Phoebe as enemies of Ireland for breaking Paul’s heart, we’re sure everyone involved in this love triangle thinks the same.

If you’ll excuse us we’re going to watch the music video for Saviour Complex and cry till we forget about this entire situation.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, ELLE.

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