EXCLUSIVE: Sophie Monk’s big baby confession

“It’s hard to say too much," she says of family plans with husband Joshua Gross.
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Life couldn’t get much better for Sophie Monk these days.

She’s still got that new-bride glow after marrying the man of her dreams just three months ago, she has two big shows set to hit our screens this year, and a confidence that comes with accepting not just who she is, but also how she got here.

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“I’m so happy now. You can’t [have regrets] or you’d be in a different spot,” she tells WHO.

“I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all those bumps along the way – I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

With her husband, Joshua Gross – a robotics engineer who she describes as her “best friend” – by her side, Monk says she’s “settled … I feel like everyone else now”.

“It’s so nice,” she adds. “We just hang out with each other all the time and get along so well. I think that’s what I was missing.”

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Sophie Mink
Life couldn’t get much better for Sophie Monk with new husband Joshua Gross. (Credit: Instagram)

She hopes to complete her fairytale life by starting a family with Gross, but also seems reconciled that if it’s not in their future, their happiness isn’t dependent on it.

“It’s hard to say too much, but we are definitely trying,” she explains.

“We are working towards that and if it happens it would be incredible, but if it doesn’t then that’s just not meant to be.

“That’s the only way you can look at it. I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason.”

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The self-confessed geek would love to start a family but is okay if it doesn’t happen. (Credit: Instagram)

For a time it seemed that true happiness was going to elude Monk, following a string of failed relationships with high-profile men – including actor Jason Statham and rocker Benji Madden – as she pursued an acting career in Los Angeles.

She landed a few Hollywood roles in films such as Date Movie and Click, but it was her return home to win Celebrity Apprentice Australia in 2015, judging Australia’s Got Talent in 2016 and then as The Bachelorette in 2017 that began the happiest time of her life – and ultimately led to meeting Gross on a business class flight in 2018.

A self-confessed geek (“I play Xbox, we’ve got the full F1 steering wheel. All my hobbies are very geeky”) and a beauty who looks cut from the cloth of Jessica Rabbit, Monk is relishing returning as host of Beauty and the Geek for a second season.

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“There’s nothing I don’t love about it,” she says of the reality show, which pairs up the opposites as they compete for $100,000.

“You are in tears, crying with them and then you watch them grow, both the Beauties and the Geeks. I see both of them so vulnerable, I think both groups are gorgeous.”

While she hopes some will find lasting love on the show, she’ll be happy if they emerge confident – something she lacked when she was their age.

“My self-esteem was awful,” Monk explains. “I was filled with anxiety always, and had ADD [attention deficit disorder].

Sophie struggled with her confidence in her 20s, pictured here in 2002. (Credit: Getty)

“And then I think you start to figure things out [with age], and priorities are different and you get to know yourself more and more.

She continues: “I think you come into your own going, ‘This is who I am!’ So I just really encourage the contestants to grow.

“It’s a funny thing your 20s. You think, ‘God, if I went back and did it all over I would know so much more,’ but I wouldn’t go backwards. I love being the age I am.”

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