Tammin Sursok says filming in Australia is more “family orientated” than in America

It looks like the actress will be hanging around Down Under for a while.
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Delighted to be back in her home country of Australia, actress Tammin Sursok is eagerly awaiting the moment she can be reunited with her parents, whom she hasn’t seen in two and a half years.

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“It’s been the longest I’ve ever been apart from them in my entire life,” Tammin tells WHO, revealing they have already made plans for a reunion the second borders open.

As for any other Aussie reunions, Tammin, who is currently based in Brisbane, explains that she is “really looking forward” to seeing her Sydney friend group. But in the meantime, she’s made some “incredible” friends through mummy groups.

While some fans may be more familiar with Tammin’s work over in the States, the actress first hit Australia’s radar in 2000 when she joined the cast of Home & Away as Dani Sutherland.

Having filmed both Down Under and overseas, the 38-year-old confesses that while the USA has a bigger scale when it comes to production, Australian film sets are more tight-knit and familial.

Tammin Sursok is back in Australia and eagerly awaiting a reunion with her parents, whom she hasn’t seen in two and a half years. (Credit: Instagram)

“Australian productions are typically a little smaller and more family orientated. Obviously not everyone’s family, but it feels family orientated because everyone knows each other and is friends with each other.

“But now big productions are coming to Australia and shooting here so we’re going to see a lot more of American productions in Australia.”

And Tammin certainly is keen to hang around in Australia herself, previously telling WHO how nostalgic she finds it, emphasising that Home & Away “changed (her) life”.

But it wasn’t just the fictitious Summer Bay she had to miss while in America; Tammin also longed for “the lifestyle, the people, family, friends, the great coffee, and the beaches”.

“I think Australia is the best place to live and it’s hard to be away from it sometimes,” Tammin says, assuring us that the coffee over here is the best in the world.

Tammin has revealed that her kids love Australia and she and her husband are working on their daughters getting citizenships. (Credit: Instagram)

Now that she’s back, the Pretty Little Liars alum is looking forward to teaching her two daughters, Phoenix and Lennon, all about Australia. And luckily for the actress, the girls definitely on board.

“They’re absolutely loving it. My first daughter has been back here five or six times and my husband probably eight times, my little one’s been back once. They’re in love with Australia. We’re working on my kids being citizens because they just love it so much.”

Tammin even thinks her youngest may pick up an “Aussie twang” and “slang” after settling in.

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And the actress has certainly already taken it upon herself to introduce her little ones to quintessential parts of Aussie culture, reading them books from treasured author and illustrator, May Gibbs.

“They just love it,” says Tammin, who is collaborating with the May Gibbs brand on a new campaign featuring kids’ apparel, homewares, and books with Gibbs’ iconic whimsical illustrations.  

“I remember reading Snugglepot and Cuddlepie when I was growing up. They were definitely favourites of mine. I just loved the adventures and the illustrations, and they taught me so much about the flora and fauna of Australia.

“When I introduced my kids to the books, they learned about the native plants and so many different things that are so Australian through reading about them.

“My eight-year-old is learning to read right now because she’s in second grade so it’s kind of the perfect time to be part of it and for her to learn more about Australia.”

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