Tim Robards & Anna Heinrich (The Bachelor) – The Full Story

Everything you need to know about Australia's hottest (and nicest) couple

Tim Robards, 36, and Anna Heinrich, 32, met in the 2013 as part of the very first Australian Bachelor. 

Prior to going on the show, Anna worked as a criminal lawyer and Tim had been in business as a chiropractor for seven years.

Anna’s job at Watson’s Lawyers was said to pay $220 per hour for Anna’s services so it was a big risk giving it all up to find The One. Thankfully, she did and boy did we love seeing Tim and Anna fall in love.

Tim and Anna live in Sydney
The happy couple at home in Sydney (Credit: Getty)

Where did Anna and Tim grow up?

Anna grew up with her two sisters in Goulbourn, NSW but the girls were all schooled in the Sydney suburb of Edgecliff.

Meanwhile, Tim is a Newcastle boy born and bred, who moved to Sydney to do a degree in Medical Science, followed by a masters degree in chiropractic.

What type of person was Anna?

As the very first Aussie Bachelor, Tim was a major hit with men and women alike. His intellect, affability and amazing body make him one of the most popular Bachies to date. It’s a similar story for Anna. Ever sophisticated, Anna was never caught up in any house gossip and managed to maintain a healthy outlook on her attraction to Tim despite being under the spotlight of a 24/7 camera crew.

Anna was one of the most likeable contestants on The Bachelor 2013 and her relationships with the other housemates was always above board.

Did she do anything crazy?

The craziest thing Anna did was backflip off a catamaran in week 8, which was soooo cool and impressive. Ironically, Ali Oetjen, who went on to be The Bachelorette 2018, was in the same series. She followed Anna’s footsteps by jumping off the boat but landed badly and had to go to hospital.


How did the house visits go?

“I warned Tim about my dad but he didn’t know what he was getting himself into,” said the blonde beauty. Anna had never brought a boyfriend home before.

Her dad revealed to Tim that “Anna didn’t tell me she was getting into this and when she told me I went a bit crazy.” But ultimately he had a lot of respect for Tim and told Anna he was happy for her.


When Tim’s mum met Anna

The first time Tim’s family met Anna was in Phuket, Thailand and they warmed very quickly to her. Anna even shed a tear as she opened up and admitted to Tim’s mum that she loved him.

How did the final rose ceremony go?

At the final rose ceremony in Phuket, Thailand, Tim had to make a choice between model Rochelle Emmanuel-Smith and lawyer, Anna.

Turns out, there was no contest.

When Anna walked up the long rose-scattered walk, Tim had the biggest smile on his face and said; “I am falling madly and deeply in love wth you … and it feels so good to finally be able to tell you.”


The Wedding

On May 24, 2017, Australia rejoiced as Tim and Anna announced their engagement. Took them long enough! The happy couple tied the knot at the Masseria Potenti Hotel in Puglia, Italy on 8 June 2018.

You can now call them Mr and Mrs Robards.

Couples who workout together …

Tim has his own health and fitness program, The Robards Method and it seems to work for both of them. Anna and Tim are regularly spotted working out and having fun outdoors.

It does not get cuter than these two. #couplegoals

Are they on Instagram?

Anna and Tim are both avid Instagrammers and that’s partly why we love them so much. They’re both so open and relatable and they make time for their fans.

What has happened since the show?

In the 5 years since The Bachelor 2013, Tim and Anna have become husband and wife and are now talking openly about being ready to start a family.

They’re busy promoting everything from Oral B whitening systems, to Nike workout gear and even appear as a couple in a Fiji Tourism ad (below). Tim also runs The Robards Method weight loss and lifestyle program and Anna has her own website; Love Always Anna.

Where are they currently living?

The gorgeous couple have a 3-bedroom Art Deco apartment in Sydney that overlooks the harbour. It has a white marble kitchen and views of the ocean.

Now that he’s a regular on Neighbours, Tim lives in Melbourne during the week while Anna remains in Sydney where she films her latest role as legal advisor to Kyle Sandilands in his new show Trial By Kyle.

Fear not though peeps, the couple are still strong; “He comes back every weekend,” she says. 

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