Farmer Will’s “big shock” on the first day of Farmer Wants A Wife

And who pushed him to go on the show.
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The pros are he’s got the looks of a movie star, a five-star personality and a big heart. The cons? He lives in the middle of nowhere.

WATCH: Farmer Wants A Wife 2022 first look

But 26-year-old Will Simpson tells WHO it’s easy to look past the cons when you’re in love.

Farmer Wants A Wife’s new cast of graziers are looking for their forever loves – and by the sounds of things, this crop and sheep farmer from north-western Victoria has found just that.

You live in a beautiful part of the world, have you lived there your whole life?

Yep. I grew up here with my three older sisters and my mum and dad. I’m fourth generation. Dad’s still working on the farm and Mum is about to retire – she’s a florist. My grandmother and grandfather are still on the farm too, and they’re 91. 

He’s an uncle too! (Credit: Instagram)

How do your friends and family feel about you doing the show?

My sisters are very, very excited. They were the ones who pushed me to do it. As for my friends, I’m sure you can imagine. They’re mid-20s farmers. They took the p–s out of me! They’re really excited to watch the journey, though.

Did it take you long to get used to the cameras?

It was a pretty big shock at the start – getting my head around the cameras always watching everything. I had to remember that was the whole point of it, to capture the good, bad, pretty and ugly. It was tricky because my private life became public and I had to be comfortable with that. It was an experience, that’s for sure. 

Welcome to reality TV, Farmer Will. (Credit: Seven)

Have you been in relationships before?

Yes. I’ve been in two serious relationships. One when I was at school, for about six years. From 16 to 22. That was a big one and I learnt a lot. It was very serious and then we kind of drifted apart as we got a bit older. Then my second relationship was shorter, about a year. I’ve been really lucky to have had two really good relationships, it’s just unfortunate they didn’t work out. 

You live so far away from anywhere. Unless you’ve grown up in a remote area, it could be hard for a partner to adapt. How will you make her feel supported?

It’s a great question and it’s basically the crux of the show. For me, if I ever went to a bar and met someone, how do you explain to someone you live six hours away? Do you suggest they come and stay for a week to see if they like it? It’s borderline creepy (laughs). You have to assume the women who are applying understand living remotely is a possibility.

Will wants a lady who will love country life. (Credit: Instagram)

What’s to love about living on your farm?

The sheer simplicity of it … You’ve got lots of space, no neighbours. If you want to hang out the washing nude, you can hang out the washing nude! I also think raising a family on the farm is the ultimate way to do it. 

Who’s your dream girl or celebrity crush?

A bit cliché, but I can’t go past Margot Robbie. I was asked who my ideal celebrity was and I said definitely Margot Robbie.

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