Georgia Love celebrates her second lockdown birthday

But despite the restrictions, the former Bachelorette was spoiled rotten.
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Georgia Love turned 33 in lockdown, her second birthday amidst strict COVID restrictions, but that didn’t stop her from feeling the love.

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Taking to Instagram on Monday, the season two Bachelorette shared a series of photos of herself and husband Lee Elliott in their Melbourne home celebrating her special day.

“Well well well, covid. You tried to take away another birthday but there’s no way the amazing people in my life would let you do so!!” she exclaimed in her caption.

“I feel so lucky and so loved. Thank you to everyone who made a fuss and sent beautiful messages, flowers or treats (SO many treats!) From a thousand Zooms, almost as many walks and all the Tassie food and drink to pretend we were there, it’s been so incredibly special.”

“Well well well, covid. You tried to take away another birthday but there’s no way the amazing people in my life would let you do so!!” (Credit: Ten)

Georgia then shared a special shout out to her friend Felicity Lea who gave a custom painting of Georgia’s wedding flowers.

“It is quite simply my favourite thing I’ve ever owned,” she remarked, before thanking Lee, whom she met back in 2016 whilst filming The Bachelorette.

“And the thanks never end for my absolutely incredible husband @leeroyelliott. You make me feel special every single day and outdo yourself on my birthday every year. The message from @jasonarrow was an extra tick today!! Thank you, I love you so much.”

“Oh and also lockdown birthdays don’t actually count so I’m excited to announce I’m actually still 31 xx”

Georgia spent her lockdown birthday with husband Lee. (Credit: Instagram)

Lee shared his own sweet post in honour of Georgia’s special day that featured a throwback photo of Georgia in her childhood years looking at a present, one of herself as an adult dressed as a gift and a video of herself hiding in wrapping paper declaring “I’m a present”.

“Wishing my absolutely gorgeous wife (will never get sick of saying that!) the very happiest 33rd birthday!!” he captioned the post.

“I have never met someone who loves birthdays and presents more! So much so she quite often aspires to be a present! Darling, your presence is all the presents I need! #wrappedinyou #thegiftthatkeepsongiving.”

Before Melbourne was plunged into lockdown once again, Georgia and Lee married in a lavish Tasmanian ceremony in March.

The couple, who originally planned to tie the knot in Italy, officially became husband and wife at Frogmore Creek Winery and whilst their relationship hasn’t changed, getting married did bring on a different feeling for Georgia.

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“Life isn’t different but there is a bit of a different feeling, I didn’t expect that,” Georgia told WHO in July.

“I felt really different once we got engaged, it was this extra level of comfort within each other so I kind of thought I felt the difference then but I did feel it too when we were married and once we were back from our honeymoon and went back to work.”

She added: “There was a different feeling of knowing your husband’s at home and that you get to go back to your husband rather than just some guy!”

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