The Voice: Guy Sebastian denies claims that producers choose chair-turns

“We make a big effort to make the artists feel valued.”
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Guy Sebastian has taken to social media to hit back at rumours that producers on The Voice tell the coaches when to turn their chairs during the blind auditions, therefore controlling who is taken to the following round.

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“We make a big effort to make the artists feel valued and to add to their artistry in a safe environment,” Guy wrote on Facebook.

“Even when artists don’t get a chair turn we make sure it’s a positive experience by giving feedback or joining them onstage with a duet, etc. to make sure they don’t go home feeling like it was a failure.

“Click bait false headlines undermines that. I have never once been told who to turn my chair for,” he confirmed.

Guy has joined The Voice for the third season in a row. (Credit: Ten)

The backlash has come from various media outlets sharing false information about the behind-the-scenes aspects of the show.

“We are only given reminders of the different format changes,” Guy wrote.

“For example, this year there are unlimited chair turns instead of 12 spots which means if we are on the fence we don’t need to be selective.”

Guy confirmed the judges are never told when to turn their chairs. (Credit: Instagram)

However, under the new format, coaches are asked to be very selective in the following round, The Cuts, which took place on Tuesday.

Coaches Guy, Keith Urban, Rita Ora and Jess Mauboy were asked to take their teams of 10+ singers down to a final five to take through to a knockout round.

The harsh nature of such a big cut bothered some fans of the show.

Team Guy’s final five after The Cuts. (Credit: Seven)

“Having selected the top performers, we got to see none of them sing for more than 30 seconds.  Some we did not get to see sing at all.  The whole ‘cut’ was grossly unfair and terrible TV.  So disappointing for viewers and grossly unfair to competitors,” one viewer tweeted.

“Not a fan of the new format.  It was much better with the battles, at least we got to see the contestants sing. They deserve better than this Ch 7!!” another added.

However, the final teams have now been selected and will be taken through to the knockout rounds this weekend.

Check out our full list of the teams here.

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