Inside Dancing With The Stars’s Jessica Gomes’s love life

Who has swept the feet off the soon to be dancing diva?
Jessica Gomes
Jessica Gomes is one of the exciting new contestants in this year's Dancing With The Stars.

Jessica Gomes has had quite the colourful career. 

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From being the featured spokesperson of David Jones for six years to starring in action flicks like Once Upon A Time In Venice, the 35-year-old Australian actress and model has really taken over the world by storm. Now, she’s practicing her breakdance moves and tango twists and turns and preparing to star in this year’s Dancing With The Stars.

So, while she’s returning to Aussie screens and making headlines again, let’s deep dive into one of the questions on your lips: who is Dancing With The Stars contestant Jessica Gomes dating? Well, keep reading to find out.

Jessica Gomes
Jessica Gomes is one of the exciting new contestants in this year’s Dancing With The Stars. (Credit: Getty.)

As of 2021, it seems like Jessica Gomes isn’t dating anyone right now. Looking at her Instagram, the 35-year-old soon-to-be dancing reality TV star hasn’t been tagged in or posted with anyone in months – bar her Dancing With The Stars dream team dance partner, Sydney dancer Lyu Masuda.

But, while we’re here, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see the people Jessica Gomes was rumoured to and did date.

Jessica Gomes Daniel Ricciardo
Jessica Gomes was most recently rumoured to be dating F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo. (Credit: Instagram.)

Daniel Ricciardo

Jessica Gomes was last romantically linked with F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo. The pair were first rumoured to be an item back in December 2018 via The Herald Sun

But in March 2019, the 31-year-old competitive racer shut down romance rumours between them, confessing that he had no idea about his alleged relationship to Jessica Gomes until friends told him he was making headlines.

“A few of my mates sent me a message saying, ‘mate, you’re on the front page of the paper,’” he told The Herald Sun.

“I was like, ‘What for? What have I done this time? What have I done wrong?’”

“And they were like, ‘apparently you’re dating a model.’ And I was like, ‘oh gosh.’ So I don’t know where that came from.”

Jessica Gomes Xavier Samuel
Jessica Gomes with her ex-boyfriend, Twilight star Xavier Samuel. (Credit: Getty.)

Xavier Samuel

In 2016, Jessica Gomes revealed she was dating Twilight star and fellow Aussie, Xavier Samuel

Before the pair were first spotted in public together, the 37-year-old Hamilton-born actor told the Daily Mail Australia, “I am single, but I don’t often talk about my private life.”

According to our sister site, Now To Love, Xavier had previously dated Phoebe Tonkin and German model Shermine Shahrivar.

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The pair dated for close to one and a half years before Gomes confirmed they had split while attending Australian Fashion Week in May 2018. 

“We decided to part ways last year,” she told the outlet. “We’re still friends, it’s all very amicable.”

Jessica Gomes
Jessica Gomes also previously dated rugby player Rocky Elsom (Credit: Getty.)

Rocky Elsom

Before dating Xavier Samuel, the Australian-famous model was seeing former Wallabies player Rocky Elsom, 31 at the time. 

While there are no photos of them on her Instagram, according to the Daily Mail, the pair were first spotted holding hands and frolicking in Sydney’s Palm Beach over the Christmas and New Year’s break in January 2015. It’s unclear when they split but Gomes and Samuel came out with their relationship in October 2016.

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