Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson’s cheeky swipe at his dad

And his mum, to be fair.
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We bet everyone who’s ever video chatted with their parents has had a moment where they’re on mute or not in focus. And Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson is no different!

WATCH BELOW: Jimmy’s parents crash his final date with Holly

Posting to his Instagram Stories on Monday, the pilot shared a screenshot of himself and Bachelor winner/girlfriend Holly Kingston video chatting with his parents, Noel and Susan.

However, let’s just say it’s not Noel and Susan’s best angle as they’re mostly out of the frame.

“Mum & Dad still learning their best angles for FaceTime…this is Dad mid rant about why he’s not team Holly… #jks.”

“Mum & Dad still learning their best angles for FaceTime…this is Dad mid rant about why he’s not team Holly… #jks.” (Credit: Instagram)

Back when Jimmy was deciding between Holly and runner-up Brooke Cleal, Susan, Jimmy’s sister Tahnee and cousin Lisa were firmly Team Holly.

However after a one-on-one conversation in Alice Springs during the finale episode, Noel admitted that he thought Holly was a little too similar to Jimmy’s exes.

“My feeling is that she’s a really really lovely girl. I don’t think she’s the right girl for Jimmy,” he admitted at the time.

In Alice Springs, Jimmy’s dad Noel (far right) admitted he didn’t think Holly was the girl for Jimmy. (Credit: Ten)

However, Holly was prepared to watch Noel state he was ‘Team Brooke’ during the finale and it’s all water under the bridge.

“I knew it was coming because, when Jimmy and I finished filming, we had quite a few chats with his family. I’ve been face-timing with them a lot and I was prepared that Noel was Team Brooke [laughs]. He’s been grovelling a little bit since!” Holly laughed to WHO after the finale aired.

“But I think when you land a guy you also land his family and I’m so, so lucky that I’ve landed such an amazing family with Jimmy.”

“Dad absolutely loves her,” Jimmy added. “Always trust your mother – my mum is always right!”

WATCH BELOW: Jimmy chooses Holly in the finale. Post continues after video…

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Post-Bachie, Jimmy and Holly are trying to live life as normally as possible in Sydney, since COVID lockdown is still in place.

Jimmy, who revealed that he and Holly are planning moving in together soon, said that since they skipped out on a lot of what couples do when they’re starting a relationship, they’re looking forward to the little things together.

“So, we’re really looking forward to getting back to normal life. Introducing each other to our friends and having family dinners and stuff like that when we can.”

He added: “We haven’t been able to do anything in the public eye together. Going out for a walk, dinners – when we can – I’m really looking forward to doing those things.”
Jimmy and Holly are planning to move in together. (Credit: Instagram)

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