“A moment I won’t forget.” Lachie Gill on his epic Voice win

The Melbourne singer is ready for his life to change.
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The path to success after The Voice can be fraught, but Australia has never seen a winner quite like Lachie Gill.

WATCH BELOW: Lachie Gill performs in The Voice semi-finals

The 24-year-old Victorian might have a background in AFL and P.E. teaching, but he definitely has the makings of a star, with a Freddie Mercury-esque look and style, and an amazing voice to match.

Last night, he became the 11th person to win the show by popular vote, after two amazing performances in the grand finale.

“I’m absolutely still riding this high and this wave of everything that happened,” an excitable Lachie tells WHO over the phone.

“It was incredibly special, you know, to share it with my family and friends and just to see all the love and messages coming my way is just crazy,” he said.

We can see Lachie becoming a pretty big deal! (Credit: Channel Seven)

Lachie booked out a cinema to watch the finale last night, filling the theatre with his friends and family.

Due to the pre-recorded nature of the finale, Lachie didn’t know Australia had voted for his win until they did, a moment that was met with roaring cheers and applause from those around him on the night.

“I wanted to make sure that all the people that have been part of the journey and that had an impact on my music were there with me, sharing that moment.”

However, he insists the real highlight of the finale on the whole was getting to sing a duet with his mentor on the show, Rita Ora.

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Lachie performed the duet of his dreams alongside Rita Ora. (Credit: Channel Seven)

All finalists got to perform a duet with their coach, as well as a solo song.

After nailing a rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time with a gorgeous string accompaniment, Lachie took to the stage with Rita to sing Lady Gaga’s Always Remember Us This Way.

“You can’t top that, that duet that I did with Rita,” he said, struggling to describe his wonder at the moment.

“To get mentored is one thing, and then to be able to sing a song … with someone of that caliber, and have that experience … I’ve looked up to Rita and then to be sharing the stage with her, singing a super emotional, amazing song, was incredible.

“And Rita sang the house down! I was up there just trying to keep up with her really,” he laughs.

WATCH: Lachie Gill duets with Rita Ora | The Voice Australia Grand Finale. Story continues below.

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Lachie came to The Voice with some musical experience, having done gigs at pubS and weddings for the last few years, but he admits he’s ready for the next thing.

“I’ve seen all these artists before me, have an arena or venue full of people singing back their songs… And that’s what I want to do,” he says.

“Now that I’ve got this platform, and this springboard, I just need to get more music out there,” he laughs.

“I’ve already got some … but I definitely want more up there. And then just start touring around and playing my own shows and getting people to listen and sing back my songs.

“That’s going to be something special.”

More music to come! Lachie has teased that there’s big things ahead. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Lachie has already released a new single, Wasting Time, as part of his final performance on The Voice, and he says we can expect to hear more new music from him very soon.

“I’ve got so much music written … and a little bit recorded, but I just need to knuckle down and get that done,” Lachie shares.

“But absolutely, there’ll be more music soon!”

WATCH: Lachie Gill jamming at home

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